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Para-Ord 9mm Conversion


I've always wanted to take a P18 and convert it to 9x23. I have a 9x23 Chip McCormick Frame that has a Colt Slide Assembly on it (back when the colt guns were split up and sold), and I like the 9X23 very much.

Now, if I get a P18, is it possible to ream out the chamber to accept the 9X23 or is a new barrel required. I seem to remember somthing on this forum a few years back. 18 rounds of 9x23 is serious stuff!!!

If reaming, which reamer is recommended? If a new barrel, which barrel (has to fit para ord Ramp). I'd almost like to keep the 9mm Barrel, so I could shoot 9mm Luger in it too, if I wanted.


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Showin' My inexperience With Para's.....I don't know what a P18 is.

9x19?.....I've reamed several to 9x23.....All would shoot 9x19. Kind of like 22 short and 22 long rifle in the same chamber.

I think Dave Kiff with Pacific Tool and Grinding makes the best reamers. Get a 9x23 reamer from Dave.

Bill Caldwell
Old 03-18-2007, 10:36 AM   #3
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Yes, a 9x19.

Oddly, I think they used the same designation for 38 Super when they made them.

Anyone think an STI frame bulit up would be better?

Buy the Complete Para jsut seemed easier.

I used Chambering Reamers before, but are headspace gauges available for 9x23?

That's interesting it would shoot 9x19, does the extractor simply hold it enough to fire 9x19?

My 308 reamer is a PTG Reamer, and it worked just fine.



Old 03-19-2007, 11:53 AM   #4
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ummmm 9X23 yea...

buy the para and ream the barrel ..
or buy another barrel and ream it /have it fit.
and havea two fer...
YEs 18 rounds is something else but then again
I am used to the 27 round mag and shooting it
in my Para Open gun...
Now too through in the STI/SV into the picture
you are looking at the Top of the line pistols.

I currently own 7 para's (2 limited, 2 open, 1 limited 6" , & 2 gunsmith
frames ? limited/open ?) do not know which to make yet..
also I just purchased 2 sti frames this past year and plan on
building a 1 open and 1 limited gun to start shooting with.
Will they take me to the next level of my shooting , I do not know
but I am still very much in tune with the para's
The extra weight of the frame seems to give the recoil a different feel
than the STI/SV frames...

Good luck in your venture...
Old 03-19-2007, 07:03 PM   #5
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My guess would be, PTG has 9x23 headspace gauges, If They don't, They can make You one.
When I'm chamberin' a barrel for a case like the 9x23 I use a depth Mic.

Bill Caldwell
Old 03-23-2007, 08:14 PM   #6
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Wild Bill told me that you could shoot 9 mm (9x19) in my 9x23 pistols and there would be no problem. He is 100% right! Not only will it work without any shoots almost to the same poa.

One of the gun writers did an article on the P-18 converted to Todd Jarret's (.38TJ) competition round. It seemed really good and it is really the same as a 9x23.

Old 09-03-2007, 11:57 PM   #7
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there are companies that will rent you reamers and headspace, might be something to consider if you are looking for a deal, plenty of barrels are out there, you could also buy a barrel allready chambered, Barsto makes barrels with para ramps the also make 9X23's so I dont see any reason you couldnt get a 9mm semi dropin reamed to 9X23 I am sure the charge would be much less than buying or leasing a reamer. Clark custom guns is another source. Nowlin mfg sometimes has Para ramped barrels but usually just Bull, not sure if you want bushing or bull, COurse the easy route would be tou just order a Factory 18/9mm barrel from Brownell's and then ream it.

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