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Accuracy of Colt 9x23 barrel?

Hi! I have a Colt 9x23 that I bought brand new and have put about 400 rounds down range with mixed results. I have shot various handloads and also factory Winchester ammo. I had some good results from 147g and 124g bullets with VV3n37 powder. The Winchester ammo seemed quite hot although I don't have a chronograph. I was wondering if a barrel change of any kind would enhance the accuracy somewhat with different handloads. It seems that the 9x23 Colt is a little picky with handloads and does'nt like plated bullets at all. Should I just accept the characteristics of this barrel or would a change make a noticable difference? It is a lot of fun to shoot and I would like to have a load that would be good for the range with exceptional accuracy. Thanks for your reply!
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I have two 9x23 pistols and one is a factory Colt, also. I find mine to be fairly accurate with most loads, and several loads have been really good.

I can't remember my loads and such without going to my records. I don't shoot them much anymore. I have been using 9 mm for steel, .40 for Limited, and .45 for Limited 10. I just haven't taken the time lately to shoot the 9x23's.

I use WW 231 for a light "utility load" and hotter loads with RamShot Silhouette (same as WAP), H6, H7, 3N37, and a few others I don't remember off hand. I feed them jacketed HP bullets when looking for the best accuracy and lead or plated for anything else. I mostly loaded the 9x23 on the low end.

My gun prefers the Remington 124 grain JHP for the very best performance.

Your 9x23 should shoot 9 mm bullets without any problems, mine does. As a matter of fact the point of impact is almost the same.

If I can help you with any loads or other info let me know.

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That's not really a question is it?

The Kuhnhausen books and other sources give % figures for the contribution to accuracy from various pieces and fitting. There are fixtures floating around that allow testing the 1911 barrel without the pistol from a machine rest and if it really matters how accurate a particular barrel is then testing is possible. Without such testing might as well throw darts - most Colt brand barrels are accurate enough for most people most of the time.

Is there a factory load - be it Winchester Silvertip or JHP or one of the CorBon or 9mm Largo - Blazer or otherwise - that consistently meets your accuracy requirements? If not that's a sign. If so then you can with some effort at least come very close to that accuracy and likely exceed it - with some effort.

I'd guess that the barrel might (or might not) be a .356 bore - which can be determined by slugging (or air gauging for that matter) and the plated bullets - which should be considered to be more like cast than jacketed bullets - are intended for a true 9mm with a tighter bore and maybe a tighter throat which is more to the point. If measuring bore and groove shows the plated bullets to be a tad undersize for best cast bullet performance then that's life - shoot jacketed or find an upsized bullet - or cast your own.

If I had to have a load for the range with exceptional accuracy I'd likely have a good 9X19 barrel fitted tight and figure the lower cost brass and smaller case capacity would be all to the good for the range.

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