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147 grain reloading bulge

I noticed when resizing 9x23 and using a 147 grain .355 bullet, I get a bulge. It's only reduced if I partially resize the upper half of the cartridge. Anyone else have a fix?
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Old 12-02-2007, 08:39 AM   #2
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My experience is the same as yours. The only 147 grain bullet I have been able to use is the Hornady 147 grain hollow point.

With the Hornady bullet, I just load in a conventional manner. Every other 147 grain bullet I have tried leaves a bulge. This is probably the big advantage of a boat-tailed handgun bullet.

The other nice thing about the Hornady is that it is tough enough to stand up to the higher velocities. You will get good penetration, at the expense of good expansion. TANSTAAFL!

It is also accurate, and reliable. I like it.
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I've read (but have not used) the Starline 9 Super Comp (marked 9 x 23) brass. It has a thinner case mouth to accept heavy bullets without bulging. It might be good for moderate loads, but not the best for full strength, like the original Winchester brass.

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