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Who has factory 9x23 at the BEST price?

(I am not talking about $20 abox, either)

JSP, STHP anything...what options do we have?
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My favorite shop can get 9x23 Win. 124 gr. jacketed soft point white box (Q4304) target/range for $15.50 a few boxes at a time from one distribitor, Elliots, I believe. It was $120.00+ for a 500 piece box of brass.

Other than the silver tip ($23.95 here) load these are the only two that I know of, not counting special runs of test ammo. The silver tip is on the shelf, 2 boxes one store and 1 in another. Mike
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The last case cost me 115.00. Try http://www.ammoman.com and go to "odd lots"
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They finally have some in stock. If you can prove you got a CASE for $115 (1000 rounds)
I'll mail you a prize. :grin:

I got my last bunch; 900 rounds for $190
from an auction. Seller throw in a box of silvertips for $15, shipped. don't see
9x23 ammo much on auction sites.

http://pistolsmith.com/viewtopic.php?to ... forum=31&2

On 2001-08-16 07:10, jm10mm wrote:
The last case cost me 115.00. Try http://www.ammoman.com and go to "odd lots"
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Cases of Win 9x23 are 500rds(10boxes of 50). Last case I bought was $115 delivered from Natchez. I believe they still carry it. Midway HAD a deal on brass, don't know if they still carry it. Semper Fidelis...Ken M
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-I see people reporting that they are buying 9x23 ammo for about $100 to $115 per 500 rds., but nobody will tell where. Ammoman.com has the Winchester white box now but at $139.00 per 500 rds. So, i guess my request is this- please give a name, address, phone number, etc. where anyone finds cheaper prices. I personally cannot find any other source for the round at affordable prices but would appreciate any info on where I can order it. Natchez has an odd sales policy. They will not sell anything to anyone in TN. I wish they would.

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