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Is the 9x23 dead ?

I started down the 9x23 road a couple of years ago looking for a high capacity semi-auto carry weapon with 125 grain 357 Magnum ballistics. The 9x23 seemed to fit the bill. A strong case made it a great round for 1911 barrels that don't completely support the cartridge. A double stack mag could hold up to 18 rounds. Winchester and Corbon made 125 grain ammo that topped 580 ft lbs.
Two years later, especially after trading a couple of Emails with Dane Burns, I'm convinced that the 9x23 is dead as far as a carry weapon is concerned. No major manufacturer will every make pistols for the 9x23. If the 9x23 isn't being mass produced, most likely the production ammo sources will dry up. Hand loading your own ammo for a carry weapon is very risky. If you have to use deadly force, it wouldn't be hard for a prosecutor to paint you as a nut case running around with hot loads for an exotic cartridge.
It seems like the 9x23 will end up as a niche competition round. Does anyone have a more optimistic forecast for this cartridge ?
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Re: Is the 9x23 dead ?

You can now buy .44 Russian and .45 Schofield, which you could not do when I was a young man. So it seems to me that cartridges are being resurrected, rather than dying on the vine.

I do believe that there are enough 9x23s out there to keep the cartridge on life support. All it takes is an infrequent run of brass, necessary for the gamers, and the boutique ammunition loaders will keep a supply in the pipeline. Of course, this means it will be expensive. Good things usually are.

My 9x23 is a single stack, so after I run out of cartridges, I will just re-barrel to .38 Super, and change the recoil spring. At least that is the current plan. Meanwhile, reloads for practice.
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Re: Is the 9x23 dead ?

I've got three 9x23's and if you will send me yours, I'll bury them together and save you the funeral cost.

If you want to load your ammo for carry maybe you should use Starline Brass and bullets like Carbon uses; If you really believe the stories you read. Even if the stories were true, how many people can tell the difference between a reloaded jacketed bullet and a factory round? If you are involved in a shooting and it is a good have nothing to worry about. If it is a bad shooting the bullets you used are the least of your worries.

I don't worry about carrying my hand loads, I'm not the least bit concerned. I load a jacketed hollow point for carry and never look back. When I was a young police officer I carried a snub .38 as a back-up and it had hollow base wadcutters loaded upside down and a good dose of Bullseye. Was it a great round? I thought so at the time. Later on I went to the Super Vels when they hit the market.

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Re: Is the 9x23 dead ?

YEAH????? Well Buddy, I'll be doggin' You close to see where You bury them......They won't be in the ground long before I'm preservein' history.....( has been known as graverobbin' ) Bury that little snub nose Smith along with them, They'ere LONG DEAD TOOO

Bill Caldwell
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Re: Is the 9x23 dead ?

While the 9x23 is a very interesting cartridge it is unlikely to ever become a mainstream cartridge. It was designed as an improvement over the 38 Super in response to requests from mostly competition shooter. As such it is based on a cartridge length that doesn't lend itsself easily to any pistol frame other then the 1911. Outside of the competition fields most 1911 shooters are fans of the big bore 45acp.

I wouldn't feel under armed carrying one on the street, I wouldn't do so with handload's and someday the supply of good factory ammo is going to dry up.

Too bad, but probably true.....
Old 08-27-2008, 09:01 PM   #6
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Re: Is the 9x23 dead ?

Wild Bill, you grave robbing sheep killing hound, you. Digging up them little graves. The 2 1/2" 66 S&W and the 4" got to be passed down to Greg and then his boys.

Bob, you are right. There will never be a large following for the 9x23, but there are a good many of us out there that have them. Someone on this forum has converted two 10 mm Glocks to 9x23 and someone on Brian's Forum did so, as well.

I carry mine a good bit of the time and I feel very well armed.

Old 09-13-2008, 08:15 AM   #7
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Re: Is the 9x23 dead ?

I have 2 pistols in 9x23 and I don't believe that the round is "dead" as Winchester still makes ammo for it, CorBon lists a loadings for it & Double Tap now as link up for the load but no load info up as of yet. I have at least two cases of jsp and one case of STHP on hand too, so I'm not worried about ever needing factory ammo for my 9x23s and as I said, I don't believe that the round is dead. And should it die out, 38 Super here I come baby!

Look @ the 9x25, who loads for that? Double Tap. Who makes barrels in that loading for pistols? Lone Wolf, BarSto, Nowlin just to name a few. I don't believe any of our fave "exotic" medium bore high pressure rounds will go away but they're only going to be a niche market with a dedicated following. Think 41 Magnum, how many of those are made/sold? Still loadings out there for it.

That said, I completely need to score me that new 147gr XTP loading in 9x25 for my converted 10mms!

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Re: Is the 9x23 dead ?

Wild Bill, I just realized you were talking about the Cheif Special...not the 66 I had in Orlando. Yep, I got two of them little buggers.

Are you and the gang shooting the Gator Classic? Hope to see y'all there.


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