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your most accurate 9x23 loads?

I have a Colt factory 9x23 with a Nowlin barrel. I have loaded 115, 125, and 147g bullets using W231, WST, Power Pistol, Bullseye, Unique, VV3n37 and #9. I am still trying to find the most accurate loads using these components. If you have a recipe using these and other powders/bullets, I would love to hear them. Thanks. :P
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Re: your most accurate 9x23 loads?

May not be a huge help but I have found the 125s and 115s JHPs from Hornady at around 1200 fps very accurate and well as the 135gr Laser Cast lead bullets. Try 231 and some quality bullets and the 9x23 will be a tack drive I suspect.

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Re: your most accurate 9x23 loads?

I just recently been to the range to try some loads in my Colt with a Nowlin barrel. I do not have a Chronograph so I use published data and work up from the min loads. I checked the primers when I fired these rounds and they do not show excessive pressure. 125g fmj hp Zero bullet.....6.3g--W231,.....4.8g--Bullseye,.....5.3g--Bullseye,.....6.8g--Unique. 115g fmj Zero bullet.....6.0--W231,.....5.3g--Bullseye. 147g fmj Zero bullet......9.4g--AA9,......6.0g--PP,.....5.3g--Bullseye. These loads proved to be accurate in my gun having an average of about 1"to 1-1/2" at 25 yds. I mounted a red dot on a Aimtech grip mount and rested the gun to shoot groups of 10 shots. The load that surprised me the most was the 125g fmjhp Zero bullet with 6.8g of Unique. I tried using Unique for 45acp and could never get it to group well with 185g swc. This load shot 9 bullets into a hole of about 1". Now I know what to do with the other 5lbs of powder.

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