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2009 production 9x23 ammo

For those that have thought about building a 9x23 or you already have one.

Three new 9x23 owners and myself tried all sorts of factory ammo just recently.

Some I had not seen was Corbon's offerings. I love Corbon but the 9x23 ammo we shot was all made on Starline 9mm Comp brass and not the stronger factory WINCHESTER 9x23 brass.

Just a caution. 9x23 Winchester is made to run at 55,0000 PSI pressure from a unramped barrel. Starline 9mm Comp brass is not. In every instance 9x23 FACTORY Winchester Silver tips and soft points functioned fine with a 125gr bullet doing 1500fps. On the other hand Corbon ammo blew cases in every instance. We never got a chance ot chrono any because of it. We have not tried any of the Corbon 9x23 ammo in a fully supported and ramped barrel.


As of today (9/18/09) all the Corbon 9x23 ammo will be built on 9x23 WINCHESTER brass!!!!

If you have 9x23 Corbon ammo built on Starline 9mm Comp brass call Corbon and work out an exchange.

We'll post first hand chrono info and case durability observations as soon as I get my hands on the newest Corbon offerings made up in Winchester 9x23 brass.

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Re: New production 9x23 ammo

Dane....It is good that You bring up the fact once again that there is a big difference in Winny 9x23 brass and Starline. I don't think many read View From the Hills, If You remember several years back I covered this on View from the Hills by splitin' Win.9x23 an other so called 9x23 brass down the middle to show the difference in wall thickness and posted the thickness of the case walls, Winny was much thicker...Like the 40 Super,....in a 1911, My experience, the primers always give up before the case does and THIS IS WITH NONRAMPED BARRELS

Bill Caldwell
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Re: New production 9x23 ammo

Exactly Bill. I had forgotten who did the case cutting but it was appreciated. Primers go before the case which is what is required with this caliber.

Too bad no one has ever loaded the cartridge right. Winchester had the right case, which was John Ricco's @ CP design. But Winchester loaded their ammo too hot (1500/1550 fps in some of it) and used the red primer sealant whcih will clog the firing pin holes on even the reduced 9mm fitring pins. It generally isn't primer bleed but a combo of that red primer sealant and primer material that clogs the gun up and forces a stopage by light primer hits. Just takes a couple of hammer strikes to clear it, but a bad sistuation in the middle of a gun fight.

Now Corbon has loaded ammo with great bullets and obviously it is hot enough ammo but the Starline case won't take the pressure in barrels that will shoot 9x23 brass with ease. My hope is that Corbon will switch their production and use only the much stronger Winchester 9x23 case. this was DONE 9/18/09 I've let them know of the problem already and they are concerned.

Till that happens the only 9x23 factory ammo I can fully recommned for self defense use is Winchester Silvertips and the white box Soft Points and only if they have no red sealant on the primers. I'll get back to you after we have tested the newest Corbon offerings in Winchester 9x23 brass.

"9x23 Winchester has a smaller internal volume than the generic 38 Super SAMMI case. Smaller volume means higher pressures, powder charge and OAL being equal.

Max 38 Super SAMMI load specs are 36,500 PSI. Max 38 SC and 9mm SC are 40,000 PSI , Max SAMMI 9x23 Win is 55,000 PSI. 9x23 is 42% thicker at the web than 38 Super. The 9x23 is so strong the primer becomes the weak link."

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Re: New production 9x23 ammo

Just some added details for the curious as I went looking for old info and had to duplicate some of it again. First typical Winchester 9x23 brass weights 80/81gr. 9mm Comp, 38 Super Comp and 38 Super +P brass weight between 62 (9mm Comp) on the light side to 68gr (nickel 38 Super +P) on the heavy side.

Take a look at the cross sections, left to right, 9x23-Winchester, 9mm Com- Starline, 38 Super +P- Augila.

9x23 Winchester and 9mm Comp Starline

9x23 Winchester and 38 Super +P

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Re: 2009 production 9x23 ammo

One person, concerned about safety, has gotten an ammunition manufacturer to change their product for the better. I think that is awesome. There will be countless people, and their guns, in your debt without ever knowing it. Thanks for caring enough to make a call.

By the way, where do I sign up to help test this "new and improved" 9x23? :wink:

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