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Ok to use .223 brass for 9x23?

I have read that it was done when 9x23 brass was rare or not being produced in large quantities before. If someone had a lot of .223 brass and wanted to form their own 9x23 using it, would that be good? If not, why? 9x23 brass sells for about $30 a 100 and sometimes mo :wink: re with shipping. Besides the higher pressure from a smaller case capacity, is there any danger to using rifle brass. I am wondering if there will always be a shortage of 9x23 brass and this might be a way to make some in the mean time. Thanks for your replies!
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Re: Ok to use .223 brass for 9x23?

In the beginnin' ( and Dane can probably add a lot more to this ) We were loadin' 38 Supers hot and sometimes rupturin' cases....Then the light came on, some Hand noticed how close the two were in size from the casehead forward so We instantly had (well Almost Instantly) a case We could really HOTRODD.

So My answer is...YES, You can make a close 9x23 by cuttin' .223 to the correct length, and ,Bear in mind it has been years since I did this, reamin' the case so it has a good grip on the bullet. If You have the time to spare or really needed 9x23 brass it certainly is doable

BUT....9x19 can be loaded to make Major P F.... 38 Super Comp can be loaded close to 9x23 Winny by usein' ramped barrels. TWO DRAWBACKS for sure , very short caselife and it is an eyeopener to have a case rupture, blow the mag out of the magwell, catchin' a handfull of grip splinters and possibly havein' a round or more X PLODE in the mag
An,...,Again....Primers will always limit what You can do with HOT LOADS in a 1911

Bill Caldwell
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Re: Ok to use .223 brass for 9x23?

Early on fairly common to use 223 brass by guys like Col. Cooper to hot rod 38 Super guns. Just work the loads up slowly because as you noted the smaller internal volume of the 223 case. (Same issues with the 9x23 Winchester case btw) You won't wear the stuff out

Corbon has just put in a large order for 9x23 Winchester brass so I suspect we'll see some on the after market...like at Midawy, in the coming months if not before. Here is what Midway shows now for 9x23 Winchester Brass: "Date Expected In-Stock: 9/26/2009".

Pain in the as to make 9x23 but it can be done...good luck!

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Dead thread revival.

I was thinking along the same lines as husky, with a twist.

I bought a bulk load of brass and got a substantial amount of Lake City 5.56 blanks in it. I hate to see these otherwise pristine cases go to waste. Could the blank cases be safely used to make some 9x23 (as close as possible) brass possibly?

I know there are mixed reviews on using blanks for full loads. Lake City says they use the same brass for blanks as full loads, if this is true I don't see why not.
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IIRC, blank brass may be weaker as blank loads are lower pressure. I would section some cases & compare. If the blank cases are the same thickness as regular cases & require seemingly the same cutting pressure, then maybe they'll work for you.
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Hello to all: my first post here.

.223 blank cases has been my main source of brass for 9 x 25 Mauser and 9 x 23 ( or 9 largo). I've learned the "know how" from the book "The ABC of reloading" from Dean Grennell, 4 edition, where the author made what he calls "a heavy strong case" from .223 brass.

These cases are more suitable than regular cases ( for FMJ bullets) since their walls are thinner, so only trimming to the proper length, a bit of wokr with the deburring tool, and the case is ready to be used.

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357 bullets in 9x23?

What would I need to do to be able to safely load .357 bullets in 9x23 casings?
Ream chamber with 38 spl. Chamber reamer, and Ream barrel to .357 bore?
I would expect to make casings from .223 blanks...
This would technically be a .357x23
I want the options of more bullet weight than 9mm offers.
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Measure the diameter of the bullets you want to use. Sometimes JHPs are smaller than you expect. Otherwise it might be feasible to swage them down if you care to.

If the bullets are indeed .357 inch, you will need to possibly expand the shortened .223 cases, then inside ream with the appropriate reamer.

You may or may not need to ream the chamber. A Cerrosafe casting would tell you.

I don't know whether reaming the bore is feasible. A custom barrel maker is likely to.

There is also the matter of twist rate to be considered.

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