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You need to run search(es) here. IIRC, Wild Bill did a lot of work w/9x23. Seems he said a properly chambered .38 Super would fire 9x23 okay. It might need stronger springs though.

Don't take my word on that. Search for it.
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OK, I'm not an expert but I have been working on this for a while. I am using the EAA Witness platform.

If anything I say here is Just Plain Wrong® please delete it and inform me of my error so that I may learn.

I have looked up the cartridge dimensions for .38 Super and 9x23 Win. on Ammoguide.com and found the following:

The case lengths are exactly the same. This means that in any barrel that headspaces on the case mouth both cartridges will headspace the same.

Both use .355" diameter bullets.

The Super case mouth diameter is .003" larger than the 9x23. Not significant. This should not increase the bullet pull, nor the operating pressure.

The 9x23 case diameter just ahead of the extractor groove is .0071" larger than the Super, since the 9x23 is tapered and the Super is not. So a Super chamber MIGHT be a bit tight on a 9x23 cartridge, but it won't be any too loose. If you are reloading, you are probably sizing your brass down to Super diameter or a bit less anyway, because that's how most carbide dies do it.

So my opinion is that 9x23 will work in all but the very tightest .38 Super chambers, and work well with no safety problems.

I have found this to be true in two different EAA Witness .38 Super barrels, one a 4.5" and one a 3.6" that has been Mag-Na-Ported. I replaced one of the extractors with a 9mm Parabellum extractor, but this did not seem to be necessary, and in fact both extractors measure identically.

I know this won't help the majority here who run 1911's, but it is just some more info for the 9x23 database.

I shall be reporting on some load data in both the 4.5" and 3.6" barrels once I get some loads tested.
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WELCOME to the forum, Bob. That's one HELLUVA first post--very informative ! ! !
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Thanks Joe,

I try to use my ears (or eyes) more than my mouth (or keyboard).
Been reading up here and elsewhere.

Just got my loading room set up and pulled the chrono out of storage, so I thought I'd put 'em both to good use.

I'm working on some 9mm major loads too.

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