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9x23 vs 10mm?

How do these two calibers add up? Everything I have read up to this point about the 9x23 reminds me of my 10mm, except bullet weights, fps. I will continue to be a diehard fan of the 45 and 10mm and these hold the fort and car, but this new guy interests me as well?
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I am a fan of .45 acp and 10mm too. I have yet to get a 10mm, but it is in the plans. I do have a 9x23. First, if you buy the brass that is really made to 9x23 specs ( Winchester) you are buying brass that is made to withstand 48,000 cup. That number is way up there. That tells you, that you can really push the speed of projectiles in this round. 10mm allows you to use heavier bullets, 180gr etc. 9x23 seems to be optimized IMO at around 125- 130 grain projectiles. I can imagine the excitement of shooting either round at speeds and pressures it is designed to take, would be the same. A lot of 10mm factory ammo seems to be down-loaded these days. My Witness shooting 9x23 pushes more on the web of my hand than other rounds in the same gun. The recoil impulse seems to be short. Muzzle rise seems to be less than hot .40's ( 180gr bullets) and .45acp normal 230 gr bullets. Since I haven't ever shot a 10mm, I can't make a "personal experience" comparison. Perhaps others can give their comparisons.
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I have had a 10mm since they appeared and a 9x23 since I first heard of it, about 3 years ago. When I first got the 10mm, ammo was scarce and I was using the norma stuff. What a Canon, it had such a report that others on the range would come over and inquire, "What the hell was that". The 9x23 on the other hand was a suprise to shoot. It didn't have near the recoil, muzzle flip and flash that the 10mm had. It was actually more like a stiff .45 with a shorter recoil impulse. The 10mm loads of today are mild compared to days gone buy. The 10mm is a little more versitile in the weight of the bullets and I don't know diddily about penetration and impact of each, but I shoot the 9x23 every day and the Delta sits in the safe, I even fit a E Brown .40s&w barrel. It is still not up to the 9x23 for Competition use, although the brass is much more readily available.
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I still don't understand why people think the 10mm is such a cannon. I own a glock 20, 29 and Delta. I will say that the delta seems to have much more kick and muzzle rise. The 29 is quite the thumper, but still easy to control. The 20 however is the easiest to shoot and seems to be made specially for the 10mm cartridge. I don't bother with the commercial loads of today as they all seem to be down loaded. Shooting real hot 135gr. to 200gr. are fine with me. My father is the most impressed by my 20, because of accuracy. He is a better shooter than I think I will ever be and I practice a lot. I have been reading posts for so long about how much the 10mm kicks, I am just perplexed? I personally think my Springfield 45 has more muzzle flip than my G20. Well just my .02. As for the 9x23, haven't shot one, but I am wondering. My biggest wonder is how effective the round will be?
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The stock Glock 20 has poor case support and at its worst, LONGSHOT and 180 gr, the feed ramp case bulge was at 3% overload. When I use a BarSto aftermarket barrel, I can go to 39% before case bulge.

The Glock 20 at its best is 200 gr 800X, BarSto, and 82% overload for a case bulge.

The 9x23 with 158 gr LSWC, Starline Supercomp, 1.36", good case support, and LONGSHOT with 230% extra powder over the 38 Super max, the 9x23 will beat a stock Glock 20.

I don't think that a 10mm with as good a case support will have any trouble beating a 9x23 with the same case support.
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9x23 vs. 10mm

I carried a S&W 1006 as a duty gun for a short period of time, and recently shot a 9x23 on the 1911-A1 platform. The first thing I remember is that the 10mm has a semi-rim and didn't stay seated in my magazines of my Smith. I remember one incident where I was carrying them in the then "new" nylon duty gear and I could not pull the magazine from the carrier, it was hung up. Next thing I know, I hear a "click" and the magazine pulls free, sans one round that flopped back into the bottom of the magazine pouch. The rim on the end of the 10mm would not allow the cases to lay flat inside the magazine and the round on top would work it's way out when carried for a period of time. I had to learn to use my index finger to push the top round rearward in the magazine before inserting it into the gun or it would hang up there.. Not a good thing. The 9x23 doesn't have this problem, and actually because of the different feed angle, it feeds better than the .45 ACP in the 1911-A1. Recoil in the 9x23 was lighter obviously because of the lighter bullet weights used in it. (I was using the 180gr. in the 10mm)
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I have 3 different 10mm handguns. The top load I shoot in them is a 216 gr wide flat nose cast bullet that is powdercoated and tops out at 747 ft-lbs. From what I've gathered, the 9x23 tops out at less that 590 ft-lbs. I have bought a .38 SUPER barrel for a RIA .22 TCM/9mm combo M1911 that I have and I'll be making my own brass from .223 brass, so it's going to basically be a 9x23 in a .38 SUPER profile cartridge. I'm not sure, but I think that this might be the .38 SuperComp that I'm creating.

(Yes, I know this is an old thread that I'm raising from the grave)

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