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eerw 05-28-2001 02:18 PM

OK...There seems to be a lot of love for the 9x23..Who all has one or two and in what configurations. What other platforms are you using besides the 1911...and lets see pics too.

For a start, I have a stock Springfield that is slowly being modified and a S&W 940 (that Dane needs to finish up). Now what do you guys have.

jm10mm 05-29-2001 07:40 AM

The 9x23 is a great caliber.
1. Springfield 9x23 mil-spec that I customized
2. Colt 9x23 Enhanced Factory
3. Colt 70 series 9mm converted to 9x23
4. Colt pre 70 series 38 super converted to a 9x23
5. Craig F-15 Fantom 9x23
6. Caspian Commander 9x23 upper waiting for an officer Frame
7. S&W 547 3" round butt that I,m sending to Dane to have reamed to 9x23.

I tried to make all of them feel the same by using the same trigger,beavertail, thumb safety,mag well,extended mag release and grips. Both conversions have Bar-Sto Barrels and the Caspian has a Nowlin Barrel. I also made sure that the rear chamber was the same size in all the guns so my reloads would work in any of them since the sizing die can't get down to the base of the sidewalls.

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Bruce 05-29-2001 09:06 AM

Love the 9x23, can't wait to get some of the loads Dane has been working up in the lab :smile:

I have 2, so far. A 1911 from BCP and a J frame also from there. The 1911 is the pistol that keeps the rest of my pistols in the safe. It has functioned flawlessly, is incredibly accurate [even in my mitts] and it has spoiled me on 1911's. It is hard to describe, but the pistol is just so...nimble. Very quick in the hand. I don't know what Dane did to it, just asked him to build a pistol he would carry, made no other requests. Have not kept an accurate shot count on it, although multi-thousands of rounds have gone down range, no jams, no failures to eject [in fact, it will eject into a pile of brass about 8 feet away :smile:], no problems at all...it just runs and runs and runs, dirty or clean makes no difference.

The J frame? Well, best described by a neighbor friend of mine who, after shooting it smiled and said "hey, that's a hot little f#cker...." :grin:

On the building block is a hi-cap STI in 9x23, also from Dane.

For those who don't own one, this is a wonderful cartridge. Winchester makes a white box ammo that wholesales for under $10 for 50, the brass can be purchased, and, Winchester also makes it in a SilverTip.

John Nelson 05-29-2001 09:09 AM

Hey JM10mm,

Would you care to share some of your favorite loads for the 9X23? Have you tried any of the Vectran powder? Have you tried loading 147gr. bullets?

Sorry to get off the subject but I am always looking for good loads. Email me if you would prefer.


viesczy 05-29-2001 09:38 AM

Well, I have a EAA Witness that was converted from .38 S to 9x23W.

It has proven to be very accurate in both calibers.

In .38 S the little rim gave me a few mag jams in the 18 round mags, but with 9x23 there has been no mag jams. There have been a few FTE and FTF jams with 9x23 in the early going (under 400 rounds) but nothing as of late. I have about 750 rounds of both flavors of Win ammo through it and about 1000 rounds of .38 S through the pistol.

It is really only a beater pistol, but Dane has informed me that in the collective opinion of several 'smiths, the EAA Witness is a little on the delicate side for the 9x23. I have yet to have a problem though.

For the use that I'm going to get out of the Witness, I don't believe I'll run into any problems, and if I do, it cost me less the $500 bux total for the gun, the 2nd barrel, recoil/mag springs and two more full cap mags! :smile:

Should it croak, they'll I'll get me a tweaked out 1911 from Dane (if he'll take my $) and really have a great shooter! :grin: Now if I was only a great shooter! :wink: :wink:


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Mike Benedict 05-29-2001 06:36 PM

I have a SDM custom 9x23 STI slide Kimber frame
a Springfield 9mm with the barrel reamed to 9x23
and a pre-70 series Colt Commander on the way.

Desert Dog 05-29-2001 08:17 PM

I am not much on posting laundry lists of firearms owned in a public forum, but I will acknowldge having a single stack, double stack and a S&W 940 (J-frame) all chambered in 9x23. Heck even my Glock 20-9 is going to (soon) be chambered for the round. Yeah, I like the round A LOT. :smile:

Here is my Burns Custom Pistols STI double stack 9x23, that is simply the most acccurate centerfire handgun I own. It is often used as my CCW piece.


BCP-STI 9x23 Talisman

Here is my chopped G20 that will soon be getting a BarSto 9x23 barrel. When my G21 is finished getting its 'dremelabrasion' treatment, this switch top Glock will be able to shoot 9x23, 10mm and .45 ACP or .45 Super -- compact or full size frame.


BCP Glock 20-9


If you look on Dane's web site you will find excellent 9x23 load data. Dane will likely put up the load data for Vectan SP-2 when he gets some free time. We are both using that powder and Dane will be doing the developement work on a 147 gr. Gold Dot bullet loaded over Vectan. It should be able to do 1400+ fps. :cool:


Your neighbor friend sure has a way with words. :grin: The 9x23 in a 940 IS a HLF! But interestingly enough, I find it is not as hard to shoot well, as the .357 Maggie out of the same frame and barrel combination. Tell him next time you will let him shoot 9mm para through it instead...


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JLM 05-29-2001 09:59 PM


Are you doing anything else to the Glock besides dropping in the Bar-Sto? I'm thinking about getting a G20 and doing that specific mod :smile:

BTW: That STI is mighty cool looking :smile:


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Bruce 05-29-2001 10:07 PM

DD...he said that right before he asked "how much". :grin:

Tell me more about the G20...got a couple burning a hole in my safe. Would love to do the 9x23 on it.

The Talisman...another %#&*#*( picture of the (*^&&%^ pistol I #$%#&^+ want :smile:

Randall_1611 05-29-2001 10:29 PM

DD Did you have the grip reduction on the Glock-o-molli maker? Any other modifications? :cool: Mike

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