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Based on my extensive military experience and many shootings OK I will stop the bull shit there.

I shot four dogs in in Iraq. I was a dog handler and had to protect him form the diseased local mutts a few times.

The first we were searching an area around an incinerator for escaped detainees still on the FOB two shots where fired at the same dog all most as one. One was a twelve gauge less lethal one a 9mm. to this day I am not sure where I hit but I think it was head maybe some skull glancing off bone and going into the shoulder (hard to explain) The less lethal I am sure hit muzzle. The other shooter and I shot at the leader most aggressive sounding and closest to us. I wish I could tell you what the rounds did but apparently the other dogs in the pack where not happy with this guy 'cuz all I saw after that was assholes and tails they munched 'em

Next dog was fairly similar at least the posture of the dog was. I had an XM6 (?) mounted on a plastic rail and calmly put the dot on his head and spulled the trigger. It was dark and I was point looking for runaway detainees again the dog was about 30 feet away head low wide stance warning my dog to back off! I was told a few other dogs ran off after the shot but all I asw was the dog in the bright light. My big goofy son of a bitch was just startled by the shot. He still doesn't know the other dog was not inviting him to sniff his butt. He was dead instantly eyes out his skull and gray matter with skull fragments in it.

The other had reportedly been aggressive towards people before and the K9 and another group had shoot on site orders for this dog. I feel very badly about this one and its my second worst night mare from this war. I called the dog gave a visual description and got the go ahead. The dog was not aggressive towards me but, not behaving "right" pacing in front at a distance and paying attention to me and my vehicle. For some reason still unknown to me I decided to shoot the pacing dog with a 9mm. I shot him 6 out of the 9 times I fired a small dog in a full sprint is not easy to hit There was no necropsy so my recollection will have to do the first shot was Brod side about 4 inches behind the heart. That was all lung shot two about 3 inches higher shot 3 was a miss shot 4 I think was almost straight up the butt shot 5 was quite distant but I think this one grazed his front leg
but it could have been shot 3. At that point I again for reasons I still cant explain decided to run (the truck was six feet behind me) after the dog to finish him. It was 115-120 that day full body armor and I worked mostly mids (85-90ish). Shot 6 miss. shot seven miss. I was breathing hard and shaking from my almost 200m dash I calmed down the and closed the distance the dog was unhealthy and near dead from the blood loss. He was sitting and I got close he had a filthy mangy coat smeared with fresh wet blood, the expression on his face was that of kindness and exhaustion the hind of look a sick elderly loved one has wen they think this good by will be the last. He seemed to simply resign to his fate and at that point welcome the end. I shot him straight up the nose from about 20 feet I don't know if the movement after that was life or the funky chicken but I sure owed the animal better than that. While he was still twitching I shot him one last time, all brain there was no more pain. I don't know if it was all sweat running down my face after that, hell who am I kidding it sure as hell wasn't. I wasn't infantry I didn't see much action or death but it was there I saw it. Of all the things I wish I could erase from my memory this is #2 I stood over the dead dog looked down at his battered body and in the bright read lung tissue there where worms. Live worms in this dogs body. I swear if the not in my throat where not so tight I would have puked. Come to find out heart worms can live in most of the circulatory system they clog and damage the heart leading to death in necropsis that's where they find the bulk of the worms. I radioed up where the dog was and got some kennel mates to drive me and the truck back. I rode up in the back of the truck Some one put my dog up. I cleaned my self, my gear, and the back of the truck. I wanted to mitigate any chance of getting our dogs sick. When I was cleaned and dressed I went out see if the dog was I don't know weather to say cleaned up or laid to rest. The contract TCNs rolled him in a tarp like a burrito and threw him in the incinerator. Come to find out there was another white dog that had been aggressive. some of the guys and girls working in another area had almost adopted him he was kind of a unit pet. A few in the unit did actually pet him. As shabby as he look I don't think I would dare. The reason came close to the truck and noticed it in the first place? one of our guys gave him cold water and the occasional treat. I was in that job because I love dogs. I still feel like shit.

As chance would have it I was there for the next time the "aggressive" dog was spotted. This time with verification of others that had actually seen this dog before. Well again just a few people with standing orders to shoot dogs. No one from the other unit (different commander) would take the shot (I should have given them the ammo) I shot at him broad side a "spotter" said I hit him but I couldn't say. As I lined up the second shot the dog stiffened as if recognizing its masters voice more than "o shit I am hit" and ran off in an almost casual trot. I never fired a second shot.

Moral of the story its all where the shot hits you want a guarantee with any direct hit? try Nukes

I have had one other occasion to point my gun at a living breathing thing since then. I hope I never have to again.

About six weeks after that at the chow hall a soldier from that med unit that adopted the dog walked up to me and asked "is that guy who shot our dog still around?"

I said "yes"

"I'd like to knock is teeth down his throat. I know he had orders and all but for the way he shot Casper that's why I'd Like like to beat the hell out of the son of a bitch"

I said "yea me too when ever I think about how Casper?"

him "Yea"

"How Casper died.... me too!"

After that I talked that units 1sg and asked If could explain what happened to some members of the unit. He said I could and I brought Rax in and we made some new friends

I passed a few dogs on patrol at night with my dog still had the order but the dogs never bothered me and I never fired another shot in Iraq.
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