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Rainer bullets and revolvers

Is the Rainer bullet in 38 special and 357 magnum a good man stopper? This bullet is copper plated the company that reloads is mastercast bullet company.
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Re: Rainer bullets and revolvers

any bullet can stop a man if put in the right spot. 38spl &357magnum are used by millions as a personal defense caliber. it is a subject of many debates,what caliber, bullet weight,type,and all the other variables that come in to play. one things for sure in my humble opinion. your better of with any bullet in a fight than none at all. it is recommend that for self-defense that we use hollow points or specialized super man stoppers, mostly by ammunition manufactures and the sales clerks at your local gun shop. the fact is everyone has their favorite brand and type. there are no guarantees in a gun fight. tests and reports of over- penetration by ball ammo and full metal jackets have been a big selling point for many years. i use cast lead and copper-plated bullets for target practice but would not be uncomfortable carrying either. lead round ball 45acp killing more people during WW2 than all hollow points all together have sense. good shoot placement and a level head. your most deadly weapon is your mind, if it stops working in a fight your dead. i prefer bullet with a cantilure to crimp into on 357mag.
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Re: Rainer bullets and revolvers

something else, only in an emergency should your rely on reloads for self defense ammo, a prosecutor friend said that he could argue that you specially loaded them to be more deadly. premeditation.

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