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Winchester Dynapoint Bulk Pack Water Test

I decided to go out today and test some Dynapoint .22LR in water jugs.

I’m not aware of what the Dynapoints looked like before, but the ones that I have are in a white bulk pack which is labeled “Winchester Dynapoint.” I was hoping they’d be as reliable as the Winchester Xpert I’d been using before the supply dried up, but I was initially getting failures to fire on the first strike, having to turn the round 180° to find priming compound in the rim. One round had left the factory with no priming compound in the rim. I’ve found this disappointing.

This is the box the Dynapoints came in.

The hollowpoint in the bullet was small, reminiscent of the Federal bulk pack.

Note the small dimple. Compared to other hollowpoint designs I favor, this is neither deep nor wide.

However, the bullet profile leant itself to feeding. Though I’ve never had a problem with the Squirrel Sniper feeding anything, folks needing a more feed-friendly profile might take a look at this.

Note the almost round-nose profile.

I had shot a milk jug earlier today at 100 yards, and got no expansion of any sort. I sort of didn’t expect to as this is a standard velocity round with a small, vestigial hollowpoint.

Around here, more realistic hunting distances, at least until the leaves fall off the trees, are 10yds to 50yds max, so I set up a test at 50 yards.

50 yard range…

I used my standard milk jug setup, only I used three jugs instead of the standard five jugs I use for centerfire rounds.

The metal plate is used for a couple things: First, I know an unimpeded round will punch right through it, so it’s a very rough measure of remaining power. Second, I was hoping that it would help recover bullets. It didn’t quite work out that way, however.
I was using my “Squirrel Sniper,” which is capable of dime accuracy at 50 yards with most ammo, this bulk pack included.

Here is the setup. Earplugs are a good idea, even with rimfire.

A couple notes on the movie: First, I forgot to zoom in, so please forgive me for that. I didn’t have the milk jugs to repeat the performance, or I would have. Second, I fired five times, figuring I could get expansion from at least one bullet.

The shots…

And the results:

These are the milk jugs. They are torn up, but not in much worse shape than standard LRN would have done.

It should be noted that the caps were taken off by me; I was looking for bullet fragments. None were found. The bullet lying on the board is one that flattened against the piece of metal and cannot be counted.

These are the exit holes on the rearmost jug. Though it’s split, you’ll notice that the holes are caliber sized. Little to no expansion took place.

I did manage to recover a bullet.

This bullet was laying on one of the sawhorses. There is no expansion, and the only deformation is a “tattoo” from hitting a milk jug, and a bit of damage at the base. It looks like it may have tumbled a bit after impact.

Overall, I am not impressed. While in hunting situations placement is key, expansion is also desirable on most game in the United States. I do not know if this is the same Dynapoint that was originally developed; I would very much hope not. I would expect more from Winchester’s R&R department.

Additionally, it should be noted that, though most rounds were subsonic, a few had a supersonic “crack.” Though I have yet to get a chronograph, this tells me that the ammo is pretty inconsistent.

I very much hope that Winchester gets its Xpert line back out very soon. Though it’s somewhat dirty to shoot, the terminal performance of the bullets are nothing short of awesome, especially for a bulk pack round.

I am disappointed in this “new” Dynapoint bulk pack.

Josh <><
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Re: Winchester Dynapoint Bulk Pack Water Test


After writing Winchester and directing them to the report which I duplicated on another board, they replied that my email was being sent to their R&D department. This was Friday, July 3rd.

I got home today, and even being a holiday weekend, I had, in the mail, an ORM-D sticker, postage prepaid, and with an offer to have it picked up.

I am sending it all back to Winchester. Hopefully this will help their future runs.

I can tell right now that Winchester's service is top notch. I wouldn't have expected this quick of a response over a holiday.

Josh <><
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Re: Winchester Dynapoint Bulk Pack Water Test

On the other hand, don't be surprised if Winchester does one or both of the following things upon receipt of this ammo from you:

1) Sends you the same exact ammo from a different batch number, which may or may not shoot better.

2) Never, ever share the results with you of any finding they make about the ammo you're sending to them. (That is, if they even bother to test any of it.) Too much liability exposure, or at the very least they'd have to admit that by their standards this first batch was well within their acceptability specs.

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