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1shot, wrong ammo?

Had to start off with "if you had to shoot to stop your threat, whatever your caliber/ammo may be, and you accomplished your goal with 1 shot, someone will always say it was the wrong choice of caliber or ammo".

I have witnessed over the years all the "experts opinons". The books, the videos. The computer screen commando experts whos closest encounter to a real world encounter is a fly on a target. It ain't the gun or the choice of ammo. Its the determination and will of the person holdin the weapon first. The choice of a reliable gun with good,decent ammunition second.

I DON'T BUY INTO ANY STATISTICS EXCEPT THE ONE THATS IN MY HANDS WHEN I NEED IT. A book telling me percents is hogwash!! Me practicing until I can put whatever bullet is in my gun where I want it to go is all the stats I need. Take it for what you want, it ain't the bullet. ITS YOU!
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Good morning Sarge. I've spent most of the last three decades in the Fire/EMS biz and came up with one heretofor "undiscovered" factor about shooting, ballistics. etc. I call it the RDL Factor. (Random Dumb Luck.) That is to say, even with ideal shot placement using the most whizbang projectile out there, sometimes the bullets don't do what they're "supposed to" upon entering the target. (Guess the bulltes don't read their own press releases.)

Fwiw I've seen an X-ring hit with 125 gr. .357 magnum jhp just barely to its job, getting a knife-wielder to stop stabbing a police officer, but still be cantakerous while being treated by us shortly thereafter. How she wasn't DRT still boggles my mind, that bullet did an incredibly small amount of damage. (The cop's knife wounds were of more concern so he got looked after first after triage, in fact.)

Another time a 7-ring hit with a fmj .25 acp was pretty much an instant show stopper on a large miscreant.

Got more such stories but those two make my point the best.
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And I agree. Its about puttin the bullets on target. No matter what bullets you choose is all I'm sayin.

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