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.22 WRM question

Can any one explain why .22 WRM ammo costs 3 times as much as quality .22 LR ammo ? The bullets are comparable. The case length is a bit longer , and is loaded with a bit more powder. The primer is the same. I can understand it costing more, BUT 3 times as much seems exorbitant, IMHO.........
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Because "this here's a magnum and it will blow your head clean off".

I dunno, maybe they only run off 1/4 or 1/2 of the quantity they do for 22lr. Instant scarcity.
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That may be it, Sarge. It just pisses me off that 9mm (which I have NO interest in whatsoever) is readily found @ 1/2 the price. I have a 9 1/2" Ruger Super Single Six Convertible that will take the head off a crow @ 20 yds. I'ts a great cartridge and a great revolve, and I just wish I could justify the cost of shooting it more as opposed to .38 Spl.....

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Contrary to popular belief, the .22 Magnum is not just a longer .22LR.
The feeling is that the .22 Magnum is like the .38 Special/.357: One is just longer and loaded hotter.

The .22 Magnum bullet is larger, the case is actually a different size, not just longer.

The reason for the higher cost is that it IS different than the .22LR and they may a LOT, HUGE amount less than they do of the .22LR.
The more you make of something the lower the cost.
Since they don't make as much .22 Magnum, and it's a different case and bullet, the price is higher.

Years ago, you could buy cheap .38 Special about as cheap as .22 Mag. and you could reload the .38.
When we'd see .22 Mag cases at the range, we'd say "Look, some rich fool has been here".
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I understand what you're sayin', dfariswheel. That being agreed upon, it just seems exorbitant to charge SOOO much more for a cartridge that doesn't cost much to make. Maybe if it was cheaper, more ordinary folk would shoot it--NOT just "rich fools". JMHO...
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.22 Mag

You pay for the name. I shoot Armscor in my PMR 30 and it works great and the price won't break the bank.
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