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.30 Carbine MilSurp Question

I am shooting .30 Carbine MilSurp ammo outta bandoliers through my Ruger Blackhawk chambered in that caliber. I have shot several thousands of rounds of this caliber in M-1 Carbines through the years without ever noticing any variation in the ammo, neither round to round nor lot to lot. ( didn't sound or feel any different) In my last range session with this revolver, I fired a round that created so much pressure that it broke my firing pin thereby locking the cylinder up. Is this a commonly experienced problem ? Is there "normally" such a variation in mil spec ammo ? Should I expect this to happen again ? (I realize that I'm shootin' a rifle cartridge outta a handgun) I would like to think that military ammo would be held to a higher standard of quality and uniformity than commercial ammo. Is this just wishful thinkin' on the part of an old ARMY veteran ? What's your opinion........

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American military ammo was always made to very high standards.
Unlike most of the world, our defense plants weren't being bombed day and night.

However, when you manufacture billions of anything, you're going to have a certain percentage of defective product.
Military ammo had an extremely low percentage, but there was some.

I'd guess that this was literally a one-in-a-million (or more) defective round.

The other possibility is a round that was stored under poor conditions and the powder charge was affected. While the military had it, it was stored correctly. After leaving military ownership, who knows how it was treated.
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Thanks for your response, dfariswheel. That's EXACTLY what I was hoping to hear.......

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