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Help me name this new wildcat

Here is a new wildcat pistol cartridge that we just developed and tested in our labratory. We need a name for it. Maybe yall can help us out.

My research and development team came up with a couple:

.452 Wild Bill

.45/40 Swampus

I kind of like the ring of .452 Wild Bill, Maybe .452 rebated rim Wild Bill magnum.

Bill, who can cut a reamer for this? We are going to make some serious money when we sell this to Remington or Federal.
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Old 03-18-2011, 04:44 PM   #2
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How 'bout .45/40 reverse whickerbill?
Old 03-18-2011, 05:02 PM   #3
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Not bad, but it would take forever to explain the historic meaning that term to everyone.
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Interesting...and April Fool's Day is still 2 weeks away.
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To honor the .40short&weak=how about .45swell&whoopass
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UHHHHH , cohee....NOT BAD for a first attemp at designin a new cartridge...I think it has great poe tential for the bros and hoddies that like to hold the hi point sideards and aim off their thumb . Expect Winny and Remmy to call any minute now , sucess is within Yore grasp , keep Your hand on the throttle and Yore eye on the rail.....I showed this photo to a design ingeneer recently hitchhiked in here from Chatanoggie , actually a well educated man with a 6th grade diploma , said He'd a stayed in school a little longer but He caught up with His Daddy and Tenn. has some rule about a Father and Son bein in the same grade at the same time....He said "it would be easy and fast to set up a revo to load from the front of the cylinder with this rd. " I pointed out the revo would always have to be level or slightly elevated to keep the rds against the firein pin , His solution is to fork the fingers of the non trigger hand on each side of the cyl to hold the rds in , I've got to let Him do this so He will understand the next time I tell Him ,"I don't think this is good idea"...A local REDNECK with a vo tek degree is workin' on weldin' a couple of loadin gates He wrecked off a pair of matched Colt Single Action Army Model Ps so that is another possibility.....But...back to namein' the round , Altho I most certainly appreciate Yore greatness as a gunsmith and stand ready to offer You acceptness into the realm of great cartridge designers I , at this time , due to possible conflicks of intrest must insist You not use Wild Bill or WB....I suggest Louis Tenn or maybe somethin catchy like LSU always beats Tenn easy or LABTE for short

Wild Bill
Old 03-21-2011, 05:45 AM   #7
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Wild bill,

we all stand in awe of your humiliity and modesty. My design staff was motivated in the dark and difficult months of research and testing by your inspirational words of wisdom and practical sense.

After a lot of thought, we have decided to rename this innovation. When we condider that it is weak and unwieldy, it serves no demonstrable need, it promises a lot but delivers little, it does not imrove upon any existing cartridge, it is difficult and expensive to implement, the delivery systems are overly complicated and have little reliabiltiy and relies upon manufacturing process which does not yet exist. It is touted by engineers in academia but realword gunsmiths say it won't work. We finally decided to call it the .452-5-200 OBAMACARE MAGNUM OPUS.

'scuse me, I gotta run, it's the white house on the line. Bill, you had your chance, but, hey, we understand.

Last edited by cohee; 03-21-2011 at 05:52 AM.
Old 03-21-2011, 09:38 PM   #8
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so... this would be a defense contract munition? possibly for the elimination of the employment issue? by which i mean the employed and employable, leaving the remainder to vote for his second term in office?
the pistol it would be used in would most likely be the "emasculator" , the current government's version of the 'emancipator' dropped over occupied europe during ww2, but instead with the idea of indenturing the populace? i understand a study group has been convened at the trough to designate a group to consider the idea of a feasibility study, relating to the possibility of diverting funding from the military, for a design specification to be researched!the prototype should just about fit in the wheelbarrow by the time it's done being tested in the lab.
Old 03-22-2011, 07:09 AM   #9
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Friend of mine who worked at an indoor range used to make stuff like that for fun. The .45acp bullet stuffed into in a belled out 10mm case, he called that one the "10mm Cooper" cartridge.
Old 03-22-2011, 05:00 PM   #10
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cohee , My Friend ....Yes , seems I have missed the boat again but what the HELL , I guess I was born to STRUGGLE IN OBSCURITY.....When You meet the Pres , have a DIRTY BABY DIAPER TRYED AROUND YORE HEAD WITH A FAN BELT....He will quickly bow down and kISS YORE HAND....Travis Tidwell , a REDNECK CAJUN friend says there is a paralel between obama and a pet monkey Our mutual friend Billy Ray Boudreau inhirted.....monkey was real smart , only bad thang about the monkey was he had to be fed at certain times or he'd start eatin anythang he could get his hands on.... Billy Ray like to take him to the Cajun bars, one nite They hit one , monkey got the munchies started runnin up and down the bar eatin cherries , olives , onions , crackers, monkey jumped on the pool table , grabbed the cue ball and swallored it , pissed the bartender off , Billy R paid for the damage , everythings okay...few weeks later BillRay hits the tonk again with the monk , Monkey gets hungry grabs a pickel ,sticks it in his butt , then in his mouth and eats it , same with a pickled onion , bartender said ,"did You see what Yore dumbass monkey is doin , stickin that pickel and onion in his butt , then eatin it?"....Billy Ray said , "Dumb Yore Ass , My monkey 's smarter than You, even since He swallored that cue ball and had to crap it out He's learned to measure everythang before he eats it.....Point is ,,,,,polise , reid , biden , have had obama swallowerin so much BULLSH^T that He's pretty much tore up his rectal cavity so he's learnin' to measure now careful B S ing him

Wild Bill

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