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.44 Spl. Ballistics Question

I have a S&W629 Mountain Gun with a 4" barrel. I zeroed the weapon with 200 gr RNFP, and was shooting one ragged hole groups in the X ring off the bench. I ran out of that ammo, and commenced shooting 240 gr SWC. Both these lots of ammo were reloads using identical brass, primers, and powder charges. The only difference was the bullets. With the same POA, the POI of the 240 gr was 5" higher than the 200gr ammo. The ONLY theory I can muster by way of explanation is that the slower moving 240 gr bullet is in the barrel longer while the muzzle is rising upward in an arc due to recoil, thereby causing the bullet to exit higher in the arc and strike higher on the target. Does my theory have any validity ? ?
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Yes it usually works that way, plus you had a bit more recoil.
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Hey Joseph....Brother , You are on Your way now , If You ain't at the top of the class , it won't take long to call the roll....That is exactly what is happenin' .Back when the 1970s lighter bullet craze hit, You know the Super Vel an others, I built up the front sight on My Super BlackHawk old model to shoot em where I wanted em...180gr Super Vel , faster than the 240gr. less time in barrel , little less recoil , shot way higher

Wild Bill
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Thanks for confirming my suspicions retDAC, and thanks for the kind words Wild Bill. All I can say re: this breakthrough on my part is--EVEN A BLIND SQUIRREL GRABS AN ACORN, EVERY NOW AND THEN.........

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