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Jordan "thought" 2" .22 mag outperformed .38

snub! HA! it is 40 grs at 1200 fps, at best. since you can easily get a 95 gr jhp bullet to 1200 fps in a 2" .38, why settle for a bullet with half as much frontal area, half as wide a nosecavity and less than half as much power, hmm? he also thought a 9mm swc would have adequate stopping power, and thought that deactivating the 1911's grip safety made the gun "unsafe' to carry!. He thought it best to aim at the BELT BUCKLE, too. How any HUNTER, which he claimed to be, could advocate aiming at the guts,when you need an instant stop, is beyond me. he was talking of doing this in the heyday of the .38 lrn, no less. sheesh! he advocated a totally insecure holster, so that you could start pulling the trigger as you drew the gun, too! Wow, the bs that passes as "gun advice" is literally amazing.
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