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A couple of loads for old Broomhandles

Well, there isn't a .30 Mauser forum here (I wonder why!) so I'll start a thread about loads for the old C-96 Mauser.

Here are two loads that I've developed that operate the Broomie's action nicely, locking the bolt back after the last round and all that stuff. They're pretty gentle, though, and are really pleasant to shoot, but would probably do all right in a pinch if you had to use them for self-defense.

Cartridge: 7.63x25 (aka .30 Mauser)
Pistol: 1914 era C-96 Mauser "Broomhandle"
Barrel: 5.5"
Brass: mostly Fiocci
Powder: 8.0 gr. Win. 540 (same as HS-6)
Bullet: 100 gr. Speer "Plinker" half-jacketed soft point
Primer: SP
COL: 1.32"
SD: Not Recorded
ME: 298.8
PF: 116

I've used this load for quite a few years. Everything works. Even used it in a Combat Pistol match long ago. Used the "Plinker" because it was not TOO heavy for the calibre, and it was cheap.

Cartridge: 7.63x25 (aka .30 Mauser)
Pistol: 1914 era C-96 Mauser "Broomhandle"
Barrel: 5.5"
Brass: Mostly Fiocci
Powder: 6.0 gr. Unique
Bullet: 90 gr. Hornady XTP JHP
Primer: SP
COL: 1.27"
MV: 1228
SD: 18
PF: 111

I just worked this load up. Had a bunch of Unique, and found that the 90 gr. XTP's are cheaper than the "Plinkers" (and they were available!). They are also almost the same weight as the original factory loads. They feed and function and are pleasant to shoot.
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Thanks Bob and welcome to the forum.

Shock that 90 gr. XTP's are cheaper than 100 gr. Plinkers!
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Great post. I load my C-96 light, just enough to cycle the action, and I use Unique.

For a modern JHP bullet, I use a jacketed .32 ACP bullet after running it through a .308 sizing die. Not much penetration but an explosive surface impact. No bullet exit hole in a gallon milk jug full of water, but that jug was split into three pieces. Very dramatic.
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I have used a load of 4 grs of VihtaVuori N310, behind a Lee 93 grs bullet (lead/tin, sized to .311), enough to reload, and give a velosity of 370 m/s. in starline cases
I have tried to use a slower powder (4,8 grs N340), it reloads, but the cases are blackened on the outside, (you get gases slipping by the case).

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