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A long true story

Would you like to hear a story of 3 incidents all in one magazine Soldier of Fortune l978 all about things I did??? aUSTIN
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Let 'er rip Austin! Let's hear it!
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Let the games begin. We're all waiting. All your stories are interesting,

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Don't be greedy, share with the needy..... :wink:
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the long story

It was the July 78 issue of Soldier of Fortune that got my eye. Son Bill had gotten me a copy as he knew I lost mine. The editor was my friend Bob Brown and a feature ran about a Custom Colt combat commander he had ordered the year before. It was written by Dan Predervich and covered a pistol I built many of. Barsto bbl S & W sights accuracy job stippled front and rear ambi safety and all the bells and whistles of the day. It was very well written
The next part of the mag that was about the Mamba 9 mm pistol being imported by Val Forgette of Service Armament. Val called me and told me to come up and help him with this pistol. He had been promised a feature, but it was not cosmetticaly up to snuff and worse of all was gold plated. There were crooked lines, hollow spots etc. Val said its stainless so strip the gold and do whatever to make it look good. I took it homr and surface ground the slide sides and then contoure grd the top also the receiver. I stripped the rest of the gold and it looked like the pic in the feature. What a job that turned out to be. Ill follow this up
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the rest of the story

the next thing I saw was a pic of my friend Dave Westerhout who was l977 IPSC world champ from Rhodesia with another of the Mambas also gold plated. The year before at Second Chance Dave had invited my wife Kay and I to be his house guests in Rhodesia. Of course we accepted and had the greatest trip of our lives for a month. The experiences we had on this trip will take a separate story and I will tell about it soon. Austin
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Hi Austin--

The Mamba was from South Africa, right? I don't remember that particular article but I somewhat remember the pistol That must have been before the arms embargo with SA, I guess.

Was Rhodesia safe at the time for tourism? I know the conflict there was a regular feature in SOF, there was always a story about Sprinbok mercenaries vs/ SWAPO.

......I may not always chime in and comment on your stories, but I try not to let any go unread!

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