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Holland's Super Thirty.......

I'm blessed with a pair of .300's; a minty pre 64 M70 with a 26" barrel and an older SAKO that was a .375 then rebarreled by HART to a 24" .300 H&H. I also use 180 partitions for about everything. Though initially used a 190 Hornady BTSP load for many years. Shot a few deer with the 190's but all of my .300 H&H elk have been with the NP's.

A great cartridge and truly a "classic". I lucked into a case of twenty boxes of RP 180 Core-Loks a few years ago and have been using those as plinkers and for brass. Though I have a mess of new WW and RP brass too. I've never found the .300 to be a problem due to the "long bolt throw" or whatever the gun rags called it. Or anything but easy to load for and accurate.

I have really never loaded for mine much other than to get a 180 NP load and after some 200 yd tests,stick with it. I prefer premiums for big game as it's not at all unusual to shoot elk when your deer hunting out here.

Holland and Holland at one time called the .300 H&H the "Super Thirty". I ALWAYS liked that name. Pretty darned true too IMHO.

FN in MT
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Old 05-14-2004, 03:23 PM   #12
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They only start to bad mouth the great ones when they want to bring out some piece of s*%t to try to replace it. They been trying to replace it since 1925...and the great .375 since 1912...
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Which of your 300 H&H bolt guns is the more accurate? The 26" M70 or the 24" Sako?

Also, I've read that too - about Holland's referring to their cartridge the "Super 30."

Can't recall where, but along the same line I remember someone saying that the 300 H&H in its hotter loads with the heavier projectiles is "150-yards better" than the 30.06, which I've always taken to mean not "better" as in more accurate, but "better" as in more knock-down power further out.

Frankly, with a good handload (i.e., loaded safely to its potential), I think the old 30 Super is the equal of any of the other 300 magnums, except the 300 Weatherby.
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Holland's Super Thirty.......

IMHO the .300 H&H is basically an older,more "classic" .300 Win Mag. Able to accurately push 180 grain slugs to 3000 fps. (like the .300 Winny does) All a guy needs for most anything in the lower 48. Especially with todays super bullets.

The Hart barreled Sako is in a glass stock and was set up pretty well. It will do 1" or a few tenths more at 200 yds with 180 partitions if I'm having a good day.

I really baby the old M70 as it is really a near new gun. I have only shot it maybe 40 times all off the bench. It's a 1 1/2" gun at 100 yds. Then again I've never really tried to work up any loads for it.

Ref the +150 yds over an 06. I saw my cousin cleanly kill a very large mature cow elk last year with one shot through the ehart and lungs at a lasered 340 yds. Several years ago saw a GIRL shoot a wounded rag horn bull at a solid 500 yds with an 06. Both died VERY quickly. It ALL boils down to PLACEMENT of a decent bullet in a VITAL spot.

The extra velocity of the mags do flatten the trajectory a bit but for the average guy who will seldom shoot past 200 yds they are served as well with a good .30-06 versus ANY of the magnums.
Especially the truly silly; .30-.378's,Dakota,etc. I don't think that 2% of ALL hunters truly need/require the sort of steam they produce.

FN in MT
Old 05-17-2004, 01:47 PM   #15
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How about .5 of 1%....
Old 05-17-2004, 04:25 PM   #16
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And I thought the "truly silly" comment ref the big mags was the line that would have gotten the comments.

I don't think either of us is very far off. I have seen far more people AFRAID of their rifles than truly competant rifle shooters when it comes to any of the magnums.

FN in MT
Old 05-19-2004, 02:03 PM   #17
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If the truth is known, mags et al probably aren't needed. Gancel Fitz took the N. American Grand Slam, twice, with the lowly 30-06.
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I bought my Win mod 70 12 yrs ago as a grad present to myself. Yes it is a 300 H&H... the gun shop owner who ordered it for me sure gave me a puzzled look when I requested that caliber. The poor old chap had to call around for 2 days to different distributers before he located 2 of them. He deeply regretted not ordering both, as he jokingly didn't want fork over the rifle I paid for. It is a sweet shooter, albeit a push feed instead of a control fed bolt action, but it needed work! At first I noticed , with the help from some machinist dye that only one lug was in contact in the action. With some clover lapping compound, THAT problem was over. The groups went from 2.5"-3" down to 1.7-2". Not bad...The next was to have the trigger pull reduced. That I spent $25.00 and had a pro work on it. Now its 3 1/2 lb. Better!!! Next I noticed that the barrel was rubbing. I used a Brownell rasp and opened up the barrel channel a bit on one side to allow the laminated stock to ride free. WOW! The groups averaged Just about 1.5".....Then I read an article by ?Ross Seyfried? about pillar bedding. Being a machinist I made my own pillars and opened the stock to accept. Holly Cow...I got a shooter now! With 180 gr Sierra BTHP and a WW case and a CCI primer and pile of IMR 4831 I shot my first cloverleaf!!!
<1/3rd inch C to C!!!!!! (Off bags and a 10x scope) I haven't done it since, but I am confident IT could be duplicated. I carried that target until it dessinegrated in my wallet. It only shoots 180 gr Noslers now and has accounted for several deer. Viva la 300 H&H!
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David and Agtman,

I know I am being a stickler but the 300 H&H isn't a big bore. None of the 30's are a both of you know it. All 30's are a medium at best.

Actually I am glad to see some activity on this topic it has been barren as of late. Wish we could generate a little more interest on this and Precision Rifles, at times I feel like I am talking to myself.

I don't actually own a 300 H&H, I launched into 30-338 years ago and there I sit. But if the right rifle came along it wouldn't take much convincing. A true british express rifle style with the slightly longer barrel this caliber deserves would be a very fine addition to my rifle rack. I was reading Ken Waters books just the other night on the 300 H&H and I don't know where he found some of his guns but the article was using a Holland and Holland, and a Belgium-made Browning Safari grade. The H&H was a gift no less, think I need to work on my wife.

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Very true, it is a medium bore, but like a speckled pup, you can't help but love them and talk about them...

the great old .375 is also a Medium but has done heavy weight work since its' inception...

both fun, never the less....

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