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300 H&H?

Just curious, but am I the only one here who shoots and reloads for the ol' 300 H&H magnum?

I really enjoy these old British cartridges, as I also shoot and reload for the 303 Brit.

I've read up on the various .300 magnums, like Winchester and Weatherby, as well as the newer breed with the short squatty cartridges, like the .300 WSM. But you don't find many hunters today talking about the .300 H&H.

I'd like to hear from any Big Bore fans who still uses this cartridge, the particular rifle it's chambered in, and what bullet/load combinations you like or have had success with on a hunt.

I also have several boxes of Federal 180gn Noslers in 300 H&H, and found that they were very accurate in my rifle.

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Well, I have had 3 chambered for .300 H&H. The first one lasted 18 yrs B4 I l shot out the bbl. The second one I sold it to a bud who couldn't live without it and am now on my third one.

Mine is one a trued and blueprinted 700 Remington action, Blackburn botton metal, McMillian stock, Jewell trigger and Wiseman barrel. 26" long, .700 at the muzzle, 11 degree crown, 1 in 10 twist, fluted, topped with a 4.5X14 Zeiss in Warne rings and mounts.

My fav whitetail load is 70.0 gr IMR 4350 under a 165 gr Sierra BTHP or Nosler Solidbase bullet. It leaves my gun at 3180 fps and will shoot into .300 at 100 and .500 at 200 if I do my part.

Elk and carribou are 180 Nosler Partitions over 67.5 gr of IMR 4350 and that gives me 3052fps.

Took it to Africa last year, and shot 200 gr Nosler Partitions over 85.0 gr of H870 at 2915fps. With this load I shot leopard, kudu, some thompsons gazelle, wart hog, and a zebra. One shot, one animal. Not bragging, but this great old cartridge will do it today just like it did in 1925 when it found its' way to America. if you do your part. All loads use once fired Winchester brass and Federal 215M primers. It is a compressed load but shoots into about .75 from my rifle and does a great job.

I would not have hesitated to shoot a buff with it if I had some 220 gr solids, but didn't have any and the PH wouldn't hear of it.

My first 300 H&H was built on a Sako AV action that was chambered originally in 375 and I screwed a new bbl on it. The second one was on an L61R Sako, Rimrock stock, Wiseman bbl. My bud still shoots it.

Made the best game shot of my career with my first one. Sitting under a mesquite tree in Old Mexico rattlin' horns and a little 6 point comes out and looks at me for about 5 minutes. I am about to shoo him off and this big 10 pt steps out and looks at me from about 20 yds. They both spook about the same time and as I stand there cussing, the big one runs into the middle of the sendero a good ways down the fence line. Shot him thru the neck at 317 steps. 10 pts B&C 161 1/8 net after drying. My best typical.

Enough about mine and me, do you have one now or are you going to build one.
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Thanks for your reply, David. Your 300 H&H rifles sound like great shooters, and you're probably a much better shot than I am anyway.

Mine's a Ruger #1 in 300 H&H (factory original chambering; I'm told Ruger did a "limited" run of these, as they've done w/ other calibers)

At first accuracy was so-so. To improve on it, I had the stock bedded and the forearm channeled a bit. My 'smith added a Hick's "accurizer," which is a unit that fits in the forearm under the barrel and has a tension screw that can be tightened against the bottom of the barrel. Then he lightened the trigger pull (can't recall the weight, but it's nice w/o being unsafe).

I was skeptical initially, but shooting Federal's 180gn Nosler load I was able to shrink groups @ 100yds from a sloppy 2+" or so to less than an inch (.75-.80) by turning the screw for a bit more tension.

It's scoped with a 2X7 Leupold in the factory rings, and is zero-ed (for now) with Federal's 180gn Nosler load @ 200yds (about 1.8" high @ 100yds). Everything else is stock.

Lately, I've been loading up some Barnes 180gn XBTs with 68gns of H4350. Will see how these shoot. For brass, I have new Winchester and some Bell brass, and once-fired Federal nickel. I'm interested in seeing how this Bell brass works out.

Single-shots are fun to shoot (for me anyway). They sort of give you some insight into the challenges British hunters faced when shooting African big game with them in these old magnum calibers.

I'd like to find a good bolt action, with at least a 4-5 rd mag, chambered in 300 H&H.

Thanks for your post.
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I don't think you are going to find a turn bolt gun with a 4/5 round mag that wasn't custom at one point in its life. The old Mod 70's don't have that, the Sauer's didn't have it, the Rem Classic didn't have it, and I don't know of who else chambered for it, over the counter. Someone like Dane Burns could probably shed some light on where you might find one, but I can't right off hand.

How fast are your 180 Federals going from your gun? I would guess 2850 or so. the factory stuff is pretty slow these days. Only good if you hand load.

I don't load for the 303 but if you want to talk .375 H&H, let me know. I probably like it better than the 300, although some on this forum scoff at its ability. I found it to do a great job, just like the .300 H&H.
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Federal's 300 H&H 180gn Nosler-Partition shows a "boxflap" velocity of 2880fps/3315fpe, which is from a 24" barrel. My Ruger #1 has a 26" tube, so figure the velocity/energy output accordingly. BTW, Winchester still sells a 300 H&H load, using its 180gn Fail-Safe bullet, also @ 2880fps. I tried some of these but didn't find them to be near as accurate as Federal's N-Ps.

I forgot to mention that Ruger's 300 H&Hs were chambered in the #1-S medium sporter model, so it's a very well-balanced rifle. Nice wood too, with an Alex Henry style forarm.

What I really like is that the #1's short breech-loading action makes its 42" overall length shorter than a bolt gun with a 24" barrel.

Occasionally, at regional gun shows, you'll see someone selling a pre-'64 Winchester in 300 H&H for $1500-$2000 (that's what I see in my area; YMMV). For that much, I could probably get a custom rifle built on a barrelled action from CZ (550 magnum), or on a BRNO ZZK 602, if I could find one.

Thanks again for the info.
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I've got two of them..

My Dad had a Mdl 70 when I was a kid.. at age 14 I bought a new 30-30 for $65 kept it a week and sold it to a sheep herder.

My Dad came home with a Remington 721 300 H&H. He paid $81.00 for it new. First shot I held it like the 30-30 and it knocked me down. I was in love from then on.

I still have it.. Put a Reinhart-Fajen stock on it many years ago.. I have my Dad's Mdl 70 too.

As far as I can remember, I have only shot 3 boxes of factory rounds through it. Dad and I learned to reload with an old 310 tool.. I moved up to a RCBS Rock Chucker? press about 30 years ago, and still use it. I've still got the 310 tool and the dies for it too.

An old Goverment trapper introduced my Dad to the 30H&H in the early 50's. He taught both of us how to reload.. He recommended 67 grs of 4350 and 180 grn Noslers.. They were deadly accurate and easy to shoot and very effective hunting load.. 100 grainers do a right decent job on Yodel Dogs too.
I have taken everything from Prairie Dogs to Moose with that rifle.. Never needed anything else.

I have lots of other rifles, but the ol H&H is the one I use when there is serious shooting to be done.
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My first big game rifle was a Remington 700 in 300H&H. It was the caliber of the year for the classic. I think it was 1983. Still have that rifle. Still shoot it.

I returned from Africa in 1994 and went out and found a 375 H&H Remington 700 Classic.

They both look so much alike I have to be careful I dont put the wrong ammo in, or worse yet pull the trigger on the 375 expecting 300 recoil.
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Iggy & Tom:

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I've been keeping an eye out for an "excellent condition or better" Remy 721 in 300H&H. The pre-64 model 70s I see these days are a bit too pricey.

Although mine's currently zero-ed for the Federal factory load, I do reload for it on a Rock Chucker press, which has been great thus far. I'm still fiddling around with finding the right load for Hornady's 220gn RN bullet.
Old 02-01-2004, 08:36 PM   #9
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What are you shooting in North America that needs 220 gr bullets?

I hunted Kudu, Sable and some lesser stuff with the 200 Nosler Partition and it did a great job. Can't imagine needing 220 stuff in North America.

Also load for mine, 67.5 gr IMR 4350 for 180gr and 70.0 of the same powder for 165's.
Old 02-02-2004, 09:56 AM   #10
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Hi Dave:

It's not for N. American game. I may get an opportunity to go to S. Africa down the road.

Also, part of it's for "sh*ts & giggles," just to see if I can stumble across a reasonably accurate 220gn load.

I do have a few boxes of the 200gn Partitions and I'll get to testing those too, hopefully this spring.

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