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CZ is offering a Mannlicher stocked rifle with a 20" barrel in 9.3x62. This is close to your 9.3x57 and meets the barrel length requirement. I'd have to see one in person before I'd buy it, but this one has me very interested.
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I saw the 9.3 X 62

Yeah I saw that also, it has me interested, but I concur with seeing one.
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My vote goes to the Remington Model 81 in 35 Rem. People seem to love it or hate it....but to my eye it has a certain panache!
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The perfect woods rifle surely depends a fair bit on the nature of the woods and the nature of the game rather than an arbitrary bracketing of calibres with some mysterious qualities of woods whacking.

Down here in the SE, I'm real partial to a 256 Mannlicher-Schonauer stutzen carbine, a pre-war Obendorf 7x57, and a pre-64 Winchester 70 in 257 Roberts. But then I carried a 71 Winchester in 348 in Maine for the little black bears this past September--though found no bear of an acceptable size. In the black timber for elk, I'm partial to a lovely 21 inch barrelled pre-64 Winchester 70 in 375 H&H and I've the same rifle in longer barrel when the terrain is more open. In Cameroun, in West or Central Africa depending on one's geographer of choice, I was partial to a Kimber 416 Rigby and a Dumoulin 460 Wby with 22 inch barrel, but could appreciate the merits of a light weight 9.3X62 Mannlicher-Schoenauer carried by an Austrian hunting acquaintance.

For just fossicking around a friend's pastures and checking out the many wooded edges hoping for a tender doe or perhaps an encounter with wild dogs or coyotes amongst the cattle, one of the first mentioned pieces with their low powered scopes or one of a pair of old Winchester 92's re-chambered to 44 Mag or an even handier Browning 92 in 357 are treats to carry.

We weapons enthusiasts love to rattle on about cartridges, but the choice of cartridge is probably less significant to a woods rifle (given that one has a bullet with good sectional density suitable for the game and range, in a cartridge of reasonable power for the quarry, and isn't off in the hyper velocity realm) than the proper feel and balance. Many of the European rifles with their strange stocks to American eyes actually make superior woods rifles if one learns to shoot with the more erect head position of the European hunter as opposed to the spot welded position of the precision marksman.

To really consider what makes a proper woods rifle, it's hard to beat an older volume by a knowledgeable and gunny old woodswalker named FRANCIS SELL titled, THE DEER HUNTER'S GUIDE published by Stackpole back in the early 60's. Sell's well written, good sense about woods rifles and shotguns have certainly brought me a lot of pleasure and good solid advice over the years, anyway. If you don't know it, look it up and give it a try. It's not difficult to find a copy at out of print bookshops that have hunting books. You may find it enlightening AND a pleasant read.
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I have a lovely 9.3 x 57 '50s Husky Mauser with express sighst but prefer a custom '92 short rifle with short mag tube and a match barrel in 44 mag.

Depends on what you are shooting I guess. Whitetail is easy with either. The 9.3 makes a good little elk gun in the brush around here. Easy choice over a 44 for that size game.

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Hard to beat the little Husqvarna carbines before they Americanized with their stock design and their pushfeed action. They were a generation or two ahead of the gun world in their interest in functional light weight sporters. Woods or mountain rifle, they were light weight, lively, and accurate rifles---not that any of this has anything to do with heavy bores...

Just got rid of my last two a couple or three years ago, one, a light weight 308 with 1-5X Leupold, a gift to one of my sons and one, a classic 98 with Lyman 48, Griffith & Howe Sidemount and old Weaver 1-5, a trade for a pre-64 338.
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Hows about

A rugeer .44 mag. carbine. I have shot both deer and elk with it. Mine is the older model. Knocks down an animal like it was hit with a frieght train.
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With all due respect, the .44 Mag isn't an elk cartridge...
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Don't rule out the Marlin lever action in 450 Marlin. It is a consumate brush gun and will take anything in North America. 350 gr of bullet at 2200 fps is a lot of power. Big holes mean quick kills.
I have carried a Marlin 444 since 1969 and have take Moose, Deer, Black Bear. I have not taken Elk or the Big Bears as I use a 375 H&H for the BIG stuff but I certainly would with the 450 marlin.
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256 hit is square on the head. Seems to me that the area your "woods" are in really dictates that gun and cartridge combo you should be using most of the time. In my local area (California desert/Sierra Nevada mountains) a BAR loaded in .270 Win is a popular item. My trusty Ruger 77RS in .338 Mag also works well for the local mule deer, coyotes and black bear type game.

However, if you live in the north woods or the south eastern swamp lands you might opt for things a lot different due to the typical game size, potential threat and the average length of shot. When I lived in the southeastern states I'd go for a quick pointing, open sighted, lever gun in 30-30 and 35 Rem, but would consider the 444 Mar, 450 Mar or even the 45/70. In the north I'd take a stainless, synthetic stocked, bolt action in .338 Mag or above with 3x9 scope with QD mounts and sights.

Again, depends on what your "woods" are and you're own personal preferences in a gun for your chosen game.

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