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Mr. Hulme,

Yep, the old Remington pumps are surely slender looking pieces. Never tried one, though since I tend to relegate the pump to social shotguns and lately, as a civiian, even opted for a Benelli when I don't use one of my old Sterlingworths. Pumps never worked all that great for me since I've had a series of problems affecting the left arm so that I don't even care for a bolt gun that cocks on closing.

The old 35 Remington surely works well on deer and hog from all I've heard, though I've never used it myself as do the old CoreLokts within their velocity parameters. Have you used current production CoreLokts and found any change in performance--i.e. that they are softer and more frangible?

The Jaeger mounts make it an easy option to change to a lighter scope for your Mannlicher 06. Most of the older Euro claw mounts don't and it's pricey to have the new rings and claws custom built. The lighter scopes surely make the weapon handle more lively though when you're not sitting in a hochsitz. This passion for moonscopes is something I think relates to lack of access to hunting where more folks shoot on ranges or at game from stands and don't put much premium on a lively handling long arm.

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In recent months I have aquired a couple of projects. One is a 1952 Model 70 WInchester and the other is a BRNO ZKK 600. I think the winchester is a little heavy for a bush rifle, hence its being redone into a 280 Remington. The BRNO is getting the handy treatment though. I am rolling the cartridge selection again but 9.3x62 or 7x57 are really all thats in consideration.

Gordon, I really had to think about making the Model 70 into a 300 H&H. But in the end my lifelong fondness of 7mm's and lack of a smith to open the action up properly ( front and rear ) talked me out of it.
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Brush-Buster ?

I've learned to go right up the middle with my Questions;

what state will you hunt? / what erea of that state?

What will you be hunting primarily? / what other game will you hunt?

what type of riffle-action do you favor? / any brands you feel good with?

what have you seen so far? / are you comparing to anything?

how often will you use in a year ?

do you have a price range ?

I'm not even a gun-pro, and I can think of many great 'Woods-Guns'

Go to the gun store with the largest selection you can find ,...and make sure you go to a place whare the salespeople are friendly, and curtious.

Grab every gun you like the looks of,... fondle repeatedly,.. ask questions,...and if the sales people get pushy,...kindly ask them to slow down the closing prosses,... and tell them respectfully that they are not helping the sale by trying to hurry you.

then,..bring your qestions here to the forum,.....success! (good luck')
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I agree with the concensus that there are other fine woods rifles. Another fine combination in is a Belgium Browning lever in either .308 Win or 358 Win.

The Savage lever in the right cartridge combo, the Winchester model 88 and the long gone Sako Finwolf all work comfortably in this category.

I have a friend that thinks his 35 Remington is the venison rifle, and judging by his results, I would be hard pressed to argue that point.

Another rifle is a Marlin 336 in 30-30, pretty much a deer getter.

For me, though I want my deer rifle to be capable of a under 150 yd shot at elk also, which limits some of the cartidge choices. Comments about what woods are relevant, and I would expect some of the southern hunters to figure hogs into their choices.
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Although it almost gags me to say "Federal .338", this might fit the bill. I can almost feel a Remington Model 7, full stocked, in this cartridge

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