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By the way Digler, I get the impression that I am debating a 15 yr old. I fully expect your next arguement to be "I know you are but what am I".

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Best Optics for Big Bores


You may want to check the the Forum Welcome page.

Your previous two postings get us nowhere.

If you can't provide any specs, as I've asked for time and again, then I think the debate is pretty much over.

One thing I can say about Nikon is that they make their own glass and own their coating technologies. Zeiss has to buy theirs.

I have compared the Bushnell Elite 4200 to the Kahles (made by Swarovski) at dusk. There is no discernable difference. You admitted that Bushnell's 4200 95% light transmission statements are accurate. Now, when I compare the Nikon to either, it is brighter and has better resolution. I would say it's slightly better than the Burris Fullfield II in brightness and resolution. The Nikon has the least reflection of all.

Now, I've done what you asked of me so now it's your turn to send me some performance specs on that scope that uses the plastic windage and elevation caps.

A note of caution to other Forum readers, please take "expert" belief statements like
Don't get me wrong, I like Leupold and Burris for that matter. But, they don't compare to the European optics.
The Conquest line is the best bang for the buck and is much better than say Leupold or Burris.

with a grain of salt.
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Dear Digler, Zeiss buys their glass from themselves. It is called Schott Glass which is a wholely owned subsidiary of Zeiss. Secondly, Nikon has their glass and scopes made in different countries depending upon the level. The low-end stuff is contracted out in the Phillipines and the Monarchs I believe are made by Light Optical Works in Japan. To the best of my knowledge, Nikon contracts out and brand labels all of their rifle scope lines. I need to double check that. As far as stats, you can pull them off of web sites as easy as I can. As far as you quoting me, I am not sure why. I was actually agreeing with you that we were discussing good scopes. I just don't see them as the best. As to this "Expert" rating, I guess in your eyes I must be. By the way, I am enjoying our little verbal sparring here. I urge you to get out and do some side by side comparisons. Until next time.

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Wow folks,

I just got back online after the transfer to AK and man, there sure has been a lot of interesting discussion regarding this issue. Thanks everyone for their input... it's greatly appreciated.

Let me give you all a little more background here and then I'll tell you which way I went.

I grew up in the Alaskan interior where running into a hungry Brownie could be an everyday occurence. My all the time gun back then was a .375 H&H topped with a Leupold 4x. Fast forward to the present... I just got a .458 and I go out to the range to drive it around the block... Hello Recoil!... 'nuf said there (and yes, they were handloads not that anemic factory crap). That's what prompted my original question.

Then, while driving cross country to get to AK I stopped in a little gun shop in Bonner, Idaho and found an unfired NIB Nikko M7000 .458 for a price I couldn't pass up so now I had 2 rifles that were still sadly lacking glass. Well I couldn't let that situation go uncorrected so now they are both wearing Leupold Vari-X II 1 - 4x20's. I've got close to 100 rds. through each of them and so far so good.

Once again, thanks to everyone that contributed and comented.

Good Shooting,

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