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Help needed W/ Scope Selection

I'll give you a little background then ask my question...

Two years ago my grandfather passed away after a ten year battle with cancer. The year before he was diagnosed he purchased an original early un-fired Whitworth in .458 WM. He has previously hunted Africa (quite extensively I might add) but his dream and the reason he bought this rifle was to take it to Alaska and "get me a Brownie".

Fast forward to the present... Two months ago I recieved orders (yep, I'm in the Military) to South East Alaska where I'll be stationed for the next three years. Last week Grandma calls and says she has a gun she wants me to look at for her. Imagine my surprise when I open the box to find Grandpa's 458. She told me that the gun was mine on the condition that I take it hunting and so, in honor of her and also Grandpa's dream, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Now my request, I'm interested in scoping this rifle but am also open to other types of sights i.e. peeps, etc. So please let me know what you think would be my best options... the more specific the better.

Thanks in advance,
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Old 04-26-2004, 11:09 AM   #2
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if it were my rifle i'd probably look into something low powered (1.5-4x) with good eye relief and a wide field of view. id probably look into a leupold . for the most part cheap scopes are bad news, sometimes you can find a good bargain- but with optics you generally get what you pay for.
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I've been leaning toward the Leupold VX-II 1.5-4 pwr. Shotgun Scope. I've been told that the shotgun scopes stand up to the recoil better. Opinions?

And thanks again,
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a quality scope will take recoil without issue. although the shotgun scope may be good for you, although it may or may not have to much eye relief. i think your on the right track, just double check the specs on the scope before ordering.
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Lefty, Thanks for the help!

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Take a look at the Burris Signature in 1.75-6x with the heavy Safari reticule (or the lit one). I'd put it in Talley QD Rings or Leupold QD Rings on Leupold Steel Weaver bases. :wink: If that is out of your $ figure the Weaver 1-3x scope has a good reputation (and eye relief).
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Leupold makes a good scope. I don't know about using a shotgun scope on the rifle though. I'd use either their VX-II or VX-III line of scopes.

As for mounting the scope, I'd use either the Leupold dual-dovetail system (rock solid) or the Burris Signature system. The burris will allow you to adjust windage and elevation to compensate for an imperfect drilling of mounting holes. I've got the Leupold dual-dovetail on my .338 RUM and it's working great.

Mark in Utah
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I set up a heavy game rifle. Ruger # 1 45/70 loading to Ruger # 1 only very near .458 specs. Two words for you EYE RELEIF. Cabelas catalog lists the eye releif for there scopes, but they do have some errors look for the scope you want then cross reference the model number to the manufacturer websight you are looking for 4 inches of eye releif. I am not familiar with your model rifle so cant speak for looks, But the Ruger # 1 is a short light compact rifle. Yes you get what you pay for but it is wearing a Bushnell Trophy 1.75-4 X 32, $99 this is a great scope. at low power has 4 + inches of eye releif large feild of veiw and has stood up to blasting with 350 gr spear and barnes X bullets at 2300 FPS. As well as a bunch of my normal cast load 350 gr Lasercast at 1700 fps I have learned that cheap stuff ends up costing more in the long run but this scope has really impressed me. I originally tried the Whitetail Classic from Simmons also a good scope. 1.5-5 X 20 but that scope taught me the eye releif lesson. It now rides my Mini 14 and works well.
Old 04-29-2004, 08:56 AM   #9
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Personally I'd never buy a Simmons Whitetail Classic. I have a 4-12X44 AO Whitetail Classic on my 7RM (came with the gun), and when I get the money I'm going to replace it with either a Leupold VX-II or a Bushnell 4200. It'll make a good hammer some day for my 7 year old, unless I put it on my 10/22 for some plinking.
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A great Rifle Desearves a Great Scope

The previously mentioned Bushnell and Simmons scopes are terrible scopes and it would be a tragedy to put such low quality optics on such a fine rifle. The mentioned Leupolds and Burris scopes are good mid-range selections. Personally the lowest end scope I would use on such a rifle would be a 30mm Kahhles in something around 1.5-4x24 or so. If you have the money get a high-end Zeiss or Swarovski.


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