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.338-.378 Weatherby Magnum

Anyone have experience with cartridge? What's its primary purpose?
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No experience with the cartridge. I always felt that it's forte was to hit big animals hard at long range.

I always figured it this way, to push a heavy .375 bullet much faster than the .375 H&H / .375 Weatherby, you get a heck of a lot of recoil. (Amongst .375's, this would be the .375 Rem Ultra Mag & the .378 Weatherby.) So if you still want to push a bullet that's bigger and heavier than one of the .300 Magnums but you don't quite want the recoil of a very fast .375, the next step down with a large bullet selection is the .338. If the .338 Win mag or the .340 Weatherby don't have enough velocity for you, then the .338-378 is the the only thing you're left with. (I don't know if Lazzeroni or Dakota has something similiar, but you know what I mean.)

It's debateable how much of an advantage an extra 200 or 400 fps gives you at extreme range (2 or 3 inches less holdover?) vs. how much more recoil you absorb to pay for it -a bunch! The only use I figure this cartridge would be for is elk, but then only if you knew you would be shooting at extreme range. For any other circumstance, I would either want less recoil and muzzle blast, or a bigger, heavier bullet at less velocity.
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Weatherby Accumark

Well, I recently came into contact with a Weatherby Mark V Accumark (Accubrake) where I work. It's a $1500 rifle ( ), and is not a typical item we keep in stock. In fact, someone special ordered it from us and cancelled when it arrived. Anyway, it is a magnificent specimen, with a 26" fluted barrel with muzzlebrake, high quality Monte Carlo synthetic stock, and a gargantuan bolt featuring nine locking lugs :wink: . The rifle is, of course, chambered in the .338-.378 Weatherby Magnum. I'd consider buying it but the .338-.378 ammo is incredibly expensive, circa $80 a box! Were I to invest such huge sums in a rifle and cartridge, the chambering better offer incredible performance and be necessary for something.
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IMO there isn't one guy in 500 that can handle the recoil, not to mention the expense of shooting it. Wouldn't have one of the Super Mags, Ultra Mags, whatever you call them. If I can't get it done with my 300 H&H or my 375 H&H I don't need to do it...
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Wasn't mine and I wouldn't do it but.......

I knew a dedicated trophy hunter who used a wildcat - no Weatherby radius on a custom reamer - before the cartridge was factory.

He took elk, at a very long range I'll not mention, shooting from a bench rest setup. The gimmick was that he was shooting close to home into a little pass where he had previously set paper targets to practice drop and wind and maybe had cleared growth around the target. This allowed him to scope the elk as they moved casually and not particularly spooked over the pass when pushed by hunter activity in the basin. Obviously he could have collected a fine animal from closer range but his system did allow a long hard look at every head before shooting anything.

Again the animals were in the clear at some distance from growth that would hide them; he knew what the range was; he knew what the drop was; he had fired groups on paper over the range and in the wind at that exact place before he ever shot at game.

That's the only sort of time and place I can imagine justifying pushing the range so far as to have any use for .338-378. Not sure I'd call it fun but I might not turn down the opportunity either.
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Actually, if you get one of the Weatherby rifles, they come with a VERY effective muzzle brake. I have shot an Accumark in .338-.378, and I own a .30-.378 Accumark. I don't think it would be much fun to shoot without the brake installed, but with it, the recoil is VERY manageable. My .270 Weatherby Ultra Lightweight has more felt recoil.

The power of the .338-.378 at 300, 400 and even 500 yards is something that has to be experienced to believe. We DESTROYED steel plates hanging from one inch chain at those ranges. It was quite fun. The real downside is the cost of the ammo. At nearly $5 for each shot, it gets expensive.

I reload all cartridges that I own, but I have yet to work up a load that works better than factory ammuntion from Weatherby for the -.378 cartridges.
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Re: .338-.378 Weatherby Magnum

Originally Posted by raskolnikov_22
Anyone have experience with cartridge? What's its primary purpose?

This is my Weatherby Accumark in .338-378 Weatherby Magnum. I topped it off with a Leupold Vari-X III 6.5-20X 40MM in Leupold mounts and rings. It is without question the best long range weapon I own. Handloaded with Sierra's excellent 300 Gr. Matchking and a healthy dose of WC-872 Military Ball Powder, it will achieve 3,000 FPS, slightly more than the .338 Lapua. The first trip to the rage was promising with 98.0 Gr. of H-1000 and 250 Gr. bullets. Since then WC-872 along with the 300 Gr. Matchking have really helped things along. Bill T.

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