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300 H&H mag ...

Yeah, actually, Dave and I exhanged a few posts on the other "300 H&H" thread still running here (mine :wink: ).

And, yeah, I really like my 300H&H. It's a Ruger #1S with a 26" barrel. It's had the #1 "accurizing" tricks done to it and shoots as well as I can hold.

Right now I've got a low-power scope on it. I've only played around with a couple of 200gn handloads due to lack of time.

But it shoots Federal's 180gn Nosler load very tightly (From a 24" barrel they're spec-ed @ 2880fps, IIRC. So from my 26" tube, I'd expect 50-100fps better).
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Old 08-25-2004, 10:29 AM   #12
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The reason I bought my 300 H&H is that it is uncommon. I have never put factory loads thru it. It loves to shoot Sierra 180 gr into very little groups. The best I have done is a cloverleaf .274" c to c. Most of the time it is around 1.0" at 100 yds. Noslers 1.2-1.5". It doesn't like 150 or 165 gr bullets at all. Shoots a pattern rather than a group, same with X bullets. I wouldn't wish for another caliber, even though its overly long for its caliber.
Unless someone comes out with a Winchester Mod 70 chambered in .348 Win caliber..... If there wasn't a choice, we would all be shooting a 30-06.
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Years ago, I was looking to build a custom rifle in .30 caliber --I stopped by Hart's Rifle Barrels in LaFayette, NY and let Clyde Hart talk me into the .300 H&H. His contention was that because of its long, tapered shape, it feeds much better than other .30 magnum rounds. He made me a medium sporter barrel and fitted it to my Remington 700 long action.

I still have it, he was right, and it shoots great!

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I have had a Super 30 for over 14yrs now. It is a Mod 70 Win XTR. It is a marvelous round, and extremely accurate. I have never bought or shot factory ammo in it. The main reason I bought it was because nobody I hunt with has this caliber. Just to be different I guess. Soon as I run into another in the field I may have to switch to a 8mm mag, 404Jeffery, or some other oddball. My 300 H&H dislikes anything under 180 grains, of which 180gr Sierra's with a medium load of IMR 4831 or 4350 will shoot NICE groups....much better than I am capable of on a continous basis. The old story about comparing this round to 30-06, 300 win and others is redundant. I don't think whatever is on the recieving end will ever know the difference between them. IMHO....All the others are just "Trendy".

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