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Opinion on 300 H&H magnum?

Any experience with this round? Pros and cond?
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Old 07-27-2004, 10:27 PM   #2
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Expensive and hard to find. Top end 30/06 rounds essentially duplicat its' performance. H&H is no where near the performance of a .300 Win Mag. I really don't see a place for it.

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I don't want to be disagreeable, but I am a fan of the grand old 300 H&H Magnum. If you are a handloader, the H&H cartridge actually gives up very little to the Winchester round. Cases are quite easily obtained, along with dies. Factory ammo can also be obtained readily by any good gun shop. Folks who shop only at one of the "Marts" won't find the H&H in stock. Many of us find the 300 to be a wonderful hunting cartridge capable of taking any big game in North America. Some other 30 caliber mags may have a bit more horsepower, but none have more class. Yeah, I like the "Super 30." 8)
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performance. H&H is no where near the performance of a .300 Win Mag
If you handload there is less than 50-100 fps difference between the two, not a big deal, and with heavy bullets the 300 H&H equals or exceeds the 300 Win Mag. The 300 H&H is also a lot less fussy to reload, and lower pressure. It also downloads well which can not be said for most of the other 30 mags.

It is a fine old round, its only downside is it needs a long action, and the magnum belt which is a common problem with most 30 mags.

Some of the best rifles were made in this round, if you find one they are a nice addition to any gun collection. Most of these have reputations for very good accuracy.

The cost of ammo is about the same, and brass for this is very easy to find if you look.

As I mentioned before its only downside is the long action, which makes any rifle in the caliber a candidate for rebarreling to a larger magum, and some of the actions like a square bridge Mauser have very high price tags.

If you don't reload I would suggest that you look at the 300 Win Mag, but if you reload: run don't walk away from the Win Mag, and though the 300 H&H isn't my first choice in 30 mags( I like 30-338's) it is definately in the top 3 in my book.
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Holland's wonderful Super 30 was my first centerfire rifle when I was a kid in Alaska, and I've always had a soft spot for the old Wimbleton cup winner. It never was all that much hotter than the 06 despite the advertising puffin', but many rounds have been marketed successfully with less "improvements" in velocity and were viewed as being monumental. We gun enthusiasts often get pretty exercised over a few FPS or foot lbs of ME, or a minor variation in shoulder angle, or a belt or not-a-belt or a few fractions of an inch of case length---All mostly just irrelevant fodder for whiling away time with other gun folks.

Obviously, with the ready availability of today's light mag ctgs in the 06, the difference between the two rounds is even less. Still it's a wonderful old cartridge and if you handload, it can close with the 300 Wby. It's still unsurpassed in cartridge design to facilitate smooth, easy feeding. As Mr. Schromf has said, the real niche of the 300's are with the 200-grain projectiles and they do wonderfully well.

I don't own a 300 H&H today and regret it. I do own a pair of 300 Win's and if one could ream them to take the H&H round, I'd surely have long since done so, despite more readily accessible ammo for the Win round. They would then, in my limited view, just be perfectly paired with any one of my 375's.

Periodically, I do consider re-chambering to the WBY 300 which would clean out the Win chambering and produce probably the most useful 30 Mag out there, but I just can't summon the enthusiasm for the Wby that I could for the old H&H.....so the two rifles just sit in their racks in the safe foom, fairly unused, in a calibre that's practical enough, but one for which I just can't summon up any real enthusiasm.

As a practical matter, though, it's moot for me, since the old 06 does about anything I want for a 30 calibre rifle----still, I'd love to have a quality old Win 70 chambered for the long, lovely old Super30....

Old 07-29-2004, 03:22 PM   #6
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Gee, seems just the other day we were discussing this very round on this very forum...

I can only echo the posts of those before me here...I have had 3 of them...first one was a .375 Sako de Lux I bought from someone getting divorced and needed the money...had a Wiseman barrel put on it...full 26" long....shot it 18 yrs before the barrel went...mostly 165's and 180 gr stuff...shot into a dime at 100 with either weight...180's cruising at 3050 and 165's at 3140...mucho N. American game fell to it...never lost a head of game and never wished for anything bigger or faster...finally sold it...

Immediately put up another, almost like it...L61R action, anothe Wiseman barrel in a Rimrock stock...Big elk and an ok mulie that year..sold it to one of my elk hunting buds about 6 yrs or so later...he had lusted after it for all that time...same kind of performance and accuracy as the first one...

three yrs ago I got ready to go to Africa for the second time and built another 300 H&H for the trip...to go with its big brother the .375 H&H...shot 8 head of game with it, using 200 Nolser Partitions...never a failure, no lost game...killed them just like it did in 1925 when it came out...soft recoil, great velocity, superb accuracy, couldn't ask for more...PH tried to buy it...no sale... this one pretty much like the first two...Rem 700 trued and blue printed action, Wiseman bbl, McMillian stock, Zeiss in Conetrol mounts, Jewell trigger...shoots into .3 if I do my part...

It is faster with the 200 gr stuff than the Win Mag, less recoil and muzzle blast than the Wthby, lower pressure than either and kills everything you shoot...

Damn, just because something is old doesn't mean it needs to replaced with one of the short fat rounds...

I could go on and on about both the 300 and the 375...both superb...

Kind of like asking me to trade my 66 Vette for a Viper...I don't think so..

Yeah, I'm sold on the Super 30 also... :lol:
Old 07-29-2004, 04:03 PM   #7
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Yeah, I'm sold on the Super 30 also...
I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you on this one. What would be on my wish list is a pre64 Winchester in one of these, sounds like a keeper to me.

David, on your groups was that 5 shoots center to center @ 100 yds?
Old 07-29-2004, 04:17 PM   #8
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Sorry, I should have been more specific....NO, for big mag calibers I shoot 3 shot groups...I have shot some 5 shot groups that were very small, but the cooling time between shots is prohibitive in a sporter weight bbl. And Yes, the groups were measured c to c...

I think 3 shot groups can show you the same thing as 5 shot groups, you just have to shoot more of them...
Old 07-29-2004, 04:23 PM   #9
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Oh yeah on the contour of the barrels. I have on 30-338 that I put a very heavy contour 26" tube on ( Shilen) and its is definately not a packing rifle. It doesn't heat up so fast though, and tames it some on the recoil, which is a big bonus off the bench.

My FN is a light contour and three quick shots has it hot.
Old 07-31-2004, 03:14 PM   #10
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All that talk made me take mine to the range today...11am, 88 degrees, 165 Nosler chrono'ed at 3147, 3153 and 3155, into .44... 8)

Guess it is ready for deer season...

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