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I Request Your Advice On A Rifle Caliber Conversion

I have an 1891 Argentine Mauser Carbine in excellent condition. I have no reason to reload or buy 7.65mm ammo for it, but I was thinking of having it rebarreled and rechambered to another caliber. I was considering 7.62X39mm so that ammo would be easy to come by and it would be a rifle thats recoil wouldn't beat my grandkids' shoulders. Any suggestions as to the caliber that would be best and who would you recommend to have do the job.

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You really need to get into a Mauser reference book and see what calibers are recommended for conversion of that action. My only comment is that its old and 91 mauser's are not strong actions to begin with. It is all about operating pressures.

Does anyone know if the 7.62x39 has a SAAMI spec? Find out what the CUP number is on this round and then compare it to the original.

I am not saying it can't be done but do some homework on this and make sure its a SAFE conversion.
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i would suggest the 6.5x55 in loads that are suitable for the swede mauser. mild recoil and very very accurate.
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If it were mine, I would reload, and load it down; but thats not an option. For the cost involved in a new bbl and chambering/labor/etc, it may be cheaper to trade it off for an SKS/mini 14/ or a CZ. Be careful of the pressure involved...its an old gun, especially if grand kids are involved.

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I have two of these , one in almost mint condition with a wonderful and weird bayonet, the other is a engineers carbine with no provision for bayonet. These are wonders of craftsmanship, being DWM manufacture. I like the 7.65 Argentine caliber and you can get 25 year old surplus ammo for 6oo for $150 This stuff is good ,safe, and shoots a 186grain bullet at 2400fps -so is powerful!. You can get NEW Hornady ammo for $29 per box of 20 loaded (or 50 unloaded cases)180 grains at 2400fps and reload it easily. My favorite load is a cast/gaschecked 215 grain .311" bullet for the .303 British rifle unsized and using IMR3031 or RL-7 powder for loads in the 1800 fps range. These are deadly on anything under 300 pounds to 150 yards. Moreover they are FUN!!!

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