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Pre 1964 model 70

My father gave me my grandfathers old 30.06 winchester model 70 to hunt with and I was told by a friend that it has some worth because it was made before 1964. Is that true?
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yes but..............price varies WIDELY. .06 is most often seen model by far.
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I would say, were it mine, that it had inestimable value because it belonged to my grandfather. It is also one of a very few really first rate factory sporters produced in the US and assuming the bore is good and it hasn't been mucked with by a shadetree gunsmith, is a fine a hunting rifle as one could ask for. To my taste, especially in the pre-early 50's production, better than anything produced currently.

The 30/06 chambering is among the most common chamberings and it's cash value depends on, in grossly oversimplified terms: Condition, Configuration (std, LW, Supergrade, special order), when it was actually produced (pre-war, transition, post war, and towards end of production), whether mods have been done, and Condition, and condition, and did I mention, condition. Using grade, standard Pre-64's in 06 can still be found quite reasonably--especially compared to current MSRP. The Blue Book will give you a gross picture of pricing . The Gun List over a number of issues, will give you a feel for general asking prices, real, hard cash value varies by part of the country and time of the year and the current fad for non-collectible condition pieces.

Hope this is useful.

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Great rifles!
I have two pre 64 model 70's

One in 308 and the other is 30-06

They really run great!

I did quite a few mods to the .308 for a practical rifle class I took with Randy Cain. The 30-06 is all stock.

The value has gone up a bit on them with Winchester shutting down but you are not going to get anything new as good for the money you would get for it SO set it up and use it! They will run forever, they will harvest some nice game and hold their value. It will be a great rifle to pass down if you have a kid or some other family member.

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