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Interarms MK X

Hi Fellas,

I got a decent deal on an Interarms MK X in 458 Win Mag this weekend. I generally hear good things about these rifles but have zero personal experience with them. I would apprecitate opinions and observations. Thanks.
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Hello. While I do not have a Mk X in the caliber you do, the one I do have in .30-06 groups better than I expected. It is a favorite deer rifle and has put meat in the freezer more than once. With a particular handload, it groups about 3/4" @ 100 yards for 3 shots with a maximum power handload. It does better with 180 grain bullets than lighter in my experience so perhaps your .458 will perform best at the heavy end of its bullet spectrum.


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Thank you Mr. Camp, I appreciate the info. Matt
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A little more info that may supplement Mr. Camp's insights. The Mark X's are indeed good, functional Model 98 type Mauser actions. I believe they were made by ZASTAVA (I'm travelling and don't have my references but a copy of DBI's BOLT ACTION RIFLES by Ottway, I believe, will give you a great deal of specific background on these weapons.

I don't own a Mark X, but I do have two early Whitworths and have been pleased with them as good utility rifles. They are Mark X actions with lines that somewhat suggestclassic British express rifles. The Mark X actions were stocked at the Interarms facility in Alexandria by their in house armorers as were at least, the later Whitworth versions.

Heavy bores are a bit different than small bores,and I would suggest that before you fire the weapon, you have several things done as a matter of preventive maintenance with the .458: (1) verify that the stock is relieved a bit at the tang to prevent spliting the stock at the wrist; (2) ensure that the recoil lugs are properly oriented and bedded in something like steel bed; (3) replace the factory pad with a good Pachmayr Decelerator (I would prefer the solid, sporting clays model with the smooth inserts at toe/heel to prevent tacky rubber from hanging up on your shirt or jacket; and (4) while you're having a gunsmith perform the above, insure that you have a safe, crisp/clean trigger put on the gun (precise poundage is irrelevant if it's clean and crisp), and (5) put on a good, large fore sight--something like the old Redfield/Burruss Sourdough if you're lucky enough to find one of them or of the version made by NECG.

These recommendations are NOT because the Mark X is a cheap's a good, functional rifle...but because NO FACTORY BOLT gun is reliably set up in the first two instances for heavy bores and actually all too few custom gunsmiths really understand the requirements of heavy bores. In the case of the latter thee suggestions, they'll simply help you manage the big gun better. If you do scope it, look for a good fixed 2.5 or 3X or at the highest power, one of the 1.5-5X Leupold Vari-X III's.

Good luck and good shooting.

Old 02-21-2005, 01:40 PM   #5
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I really appreciate your insight. Thank you for a very informative response.
I had an opportunity to shoot the rifle this past weekend and was pleased. I'm going to take your advice and get a better recoil pad, in fact I'm going to take all your advice.
The only thing that really bothered me was the floor plate released every time a round went off. Thats got to be fixed!
I was shooting open sights at 25, 50 and 75 yards and it was pretty much hitting point of aim. It needs better sights and I need to practice shooting this large bore.
Thanks again. Matt
Old 02-22-2005, 09:22 PM   #6
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You're quite welcome.

The floppy floorplate is a not uncommon weakness that is all to often not discovered by folks who only shoot from benchrests and single load instead of shooting from the magazine. BAD move, the latter exercise. Good you found it.

You CAN tape it shut....I've seen that done, but it's probably an easy fix to increase spring tension and/or clean up the contact edges of the release.

I've never known a 458 that wasn't remarkably accurate (at least one's that hadn't been cobbled up) with the exception of a prominant US maker's piece whose threads had been crudely crush fit into the receiver so grossly that the gunsmith rejected it as a base piece to work on.

Dunno what you're considering, but I'm real partial to an old Lyman 48 for a rear sight on the large bore Mausers. I think the 56's are still available, though even there, the older iterations surely look a lot better on a proper rifle. Lots of folks like the newer variations that simply screw into the rear scope mount screws and are apparently intended for back up sights. Generally, these latter types that just sit up on top of the receiver lack the precise adjustments of the old 48 or 56 for that matter. If you don't want to spend the money on the older Lymans, a Williams FOOLPROOF will serve just as well for much less cost.

I'm also always looking for the old Lyman Alaskans and Leupold 2.5 and 3X's for just such use as well, but I surely like the aperture receiver sight if one takes the time to learn to use it properly and is willing to accept a few minutes less light at BMNT and EENT. Unfortunately, with several generations lacking military service, the use of the aperture is pretty misunderstood and, of course, way back post WW II it began to lose favour anyway to the desire for optics. That, of course, has presented us with the current absurdity of light, lively rifles fitted with moon scopes that give us weapons with all the feel and handiness of two crowbars lashed together loosely on the odd chance that one will ding at a critter at a zillion meters or so....

Good shooting....and good luck in going some place where you can really put that piece to the use for which it was intended....And, if not, just enjoy shooting it. It's an interesting cartridge that can be loaded a variety of ways to use it on lesser game than the round was originally intended and can be a lot of fun.

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