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need opinions guys - removing VOODOO from cleaning

ok....seems like there are almost as many opinions on gun cleaning as there are colors in an M&M bag....I would like to dispel some basic issues with good input from you guys.....

two related to proper brush and swab use and the other related to copper fouling and proper chemical usage...

1. proper use of the brush and swab.....and I always use a bore guide, so that is a given....with the brush, always keep it wet with CLP when I use it, BUT big question is, " do you push the brush completely through the crown, and take the brush off to return the rod through the guide, or do you just pull the brush back up through to the guide?".....when is the proper time to use a swab??....after patching and brushing??....swab always clean?...or is it soaked in something?

2. with copper fouling chemical treatment such as Shooters Choice "Copper Remover", is there a best use chemical to use that cleanly neutrelizes the ammonia to prevent etching?.....I have heard some folks comment that you shouldn't use Shooters Choice MC#7 to neutrelize....obviously, the last thing I want to do is think I am doing the gun some good by removing copper fouling and following proper protocol with chemicals just to actually do more harm....

reason for this is that I have just started to use Shooters Choice (both chemicals, one as the remover and the other as the neutrelizer) and will send about 4 or 5 patches of the Copper Remover down, takes about 5 or so minutes to do this and then immediately put about 5 patches of the MC#7 down to get rid of any ammonia....then follow up with Hoppes #9 and maybe some CLP before drypatching....

Maybe you guys can set me straight on proper use of brush, swab and copper remover stuff.....would appreciate the help....thanks
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I generally don't use a brush on rifles, Patches with hoppes #9 . Every so often I use sweets 7.62, Its an ammonia copper remover, following label directions, I neutralize/ follow up with #9. The absolute safest way would be to remove brush before pulling rod out dropping brush off at the barrel end. Granted I dont allways do this, Generally the only rifle I shoot enough to need bore brushing is a Mini 14 that requires muzzel cleaning only.

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