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*M44 Range Report: Accuracy*

I got some time today to do some shooting with my new M44. Range was 50 yards.

As some of you know I was experiencing ammunition issues. This is not the same ammo though it is marked the same. The gunstore opened up another crate of light ball for me and after inspecting it decided to give it a try. It worked, showing no pressure signs.

The day was overcast and was raining on and off. I took advantage of a lull in the rain to shoot.

This is what I ended up with.

I stand by my earlier assertion that this '80s Russian stuff is junk. I had fairly consistent ignition for the first three shots - after which I checked the target. As I shot more, I began getting random hangfires. The primers were indented just fine but ignition was not instantaneous. Some were squibs as well. One did not make it to the paper.

Pulling the bolt every few rounds got irritating.

Since I was shooting to the left I drifted the front sight to compensate. Then it started raining fairly hard. I went ahead and put the five rounds on the right on target, one of which squibbed on me. I called it a day after that.

My conclusion is that this carbine certainly shows accuracy potential with consistent ammo: Witness the first three rounds fired and four of the five rounds after sight adjustment. The left hand group of three measures 7/8" and the one shot after sight adjustment in the rain measures 1-5/8".

I am not the best shot with open sights either as I have 20/30 vision in my shooting eye. Some of the flyers may have been me, especially after the rain started.

I believe I can realistically turn this into a 200 yard rifle with a scout setup. I don't have any place that I would need to shoot further than that, but I believe 300yds would be in the realm of possibility.

Since the Russians didn't actually finish the bore in this wartime rifle and the lands and grooves are better than average, I think I may polish out the barrel before I mount a 'scope. I definitely want to see how this shoots with consistent ammo as well before committing to any sort of project.

In the meantime, it will serve well as a 100yd coyote carbine and fun plinker, as well as an historically interesting piece.

Josh <><
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