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Went Shooting Today

I went shooting today, 20 rounds of military surplus Czech.

I decided to experiment by wearing my glasses, which I don't even need to drive. They gave me a sharper view of the target though, and I was able to be a bit more precise.

This is the first group I shot. I had a six'o'clock hold on the green circle. The first three went high as I forgot to dial the sights down for the lighter bullet. They are marked with pen. The rest, except the one flyer, landed in the black and green. The flyer was fired offhand, no field expedient rest.

This is the second group. I had trouble getting a good sight picture on the smaller green circle, so I "lollipopped" the black circle this time. The group was tighter, with one called flyer and one "super energetic" surplus round that went low.

Not bad for ammo made in 1962. Not target grade, but not bad.

I did admittedly flinch on a few of these shots, mostly on the second target. The reason is that I have arthritis in new and interesting places, namely my right (support) hand. It twinged a couple times. In fact, I had to pop four aspirin just to type this!

I'm very glad it's not creeped into my left hand badly at all, yet.

At any rate, the bore on the rifle shines and I can hold pretty steady. I don't plan on wearing my prescription safety glasses to shoot a whole lot as I don't want to become dependent on them for shooting. (This goes back to my roots in the study of combat shooting). However, I've seen what the rifle, as it is now, is capable of.

I believe that with quality factory ammunition or custom handloads I could plunk them all into one hole - witness the three shot string in the middle.

I do firmly believe however that I am at the limit of the sights. They are just too course. I am hoping to get a Mojo rear peep sight for Christmas (that and ammo are the only things I've asked for) and when that arrives, I will be replacing the front sight with a finishing nail, with the tip left intact. The combination should give me a very fine sight picture.

Josh <><
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