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Any time you boys start to thinking you're a bad ass, you might consider the case of Lord Ripon (pretty much acknowledged as the finest game shot in Britain in his day) who once took a pair of rhino with a "right and a left" shooting a four bore.

That's a 1750 gr. projectile, if cast from pure lead. I don't know what caliber it translates into, but the British proof diameter of a 12 bore is .729". You do the math.
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Samuel Baker use to hunt with a 4-bore rifle in Africa. There was an article on those things in Rifle magazine by Seyfried about a year ago.

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I win!

I fired a 90mm recoiless from the shoulder in nam with some sort of canister round, but maybe you guys think that is a shotgun so I also busted an old bunker wall with an H.E. solid out of same. Now this is a rifle even though it is magnaported on the wrong end and as I remember these were made out of an alloy so were much lighter than earlier 57mm and 75mm of WWII and Korea fame. I always wanted to own an 87mm Carl Gustav as I heard these were real sweet shooting -the 90mm certainly wasn't!
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I seem to remember a Ross Seyfried article with him firing a .800 Nyati or some such.

Did NOT look like fun. Conversely, I would prefer clapping with my shoulderblades to starting my very own collection of hoofprints and gore-marks...

That's why I stay Out of Africa.


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If none of the above mentioned mega-bores fails to stop the charging critter which is hell bent on your personal destruction, you could always follow the advice given by the old PH to the client on his first safari.

"What do I do if I empty my rifle and he keeps coming?"

"You might try throwing a handfull of dung in his face. That will sometimes turn them."

"Where the hell am I supposed to find a hand full of shit in the middle of a charge?"

"Just reach around, old boy. It'll be there!" :lol:
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I was watching a show on the CH-130 herculese the other day and during
Khe San I saw a man on the line fire what looked to be a 106 Recoiless
but it may have been the 90 talked about earlier
I would think that anything above that size you would need to drop the power down to Spud Gun level unless you count Dragons and the like
the old boys shooting Howdah pistols must have been pretty stout as well
as the 4 bore shooters
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"Cartridges of the World" by Frank Barnes lists the .577 Nyati as the most powerful shoulder fired weapon, 750 grain bullet with 10,800 ft lbs. of energy. 180 ft. lbs of recoil energy, like catching a 10 lb. rifle on your shoulder after it was dropped from a 32 foot cliff.
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When I took My Cape Buffalo in Zimbabwe it was the single most exileration moment of my life because I knew he could do unto me as I was doing unto him it was like buck fever times 10
the trip torpedoed my finances for years but I am glad I got to experience that at least once
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Largest Shoulder Arm

The largest I have heard of is Sir Samuel Bakers "Baby" which was a 2-bore rifle. I think it was a handmade weapon.

Second largest and the largest I have personally seen is a 4-bore. "John Ross" (an alias used by the guy who wrote Unintended Consequences) actually does hunt with a 4-bore and quite a few people have personal copies of a home video he shot in Africa where he collected a couple of elephants and several cape buffalo. He custom made his projectiles which were 2100 grains that traveld around 1800 to 1900 fps - quite a gun!

"Use enough gun"
Jim H.
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I was going to bring up the M-79 40mm grenade launcher, just to be funny, but that wouldn't even take third place in this group.

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