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I am showing my age here, but back in the 60's or 70's there used to be an advertisement for a scope, rings, and mount in the American Rifleman. They were mounted on a four bore double rifle. If my memory serves me correctly, four bore is the diameter of a ¼ pound round ball of lead.

The point of the advertisement was that the mounts were good enough to keep the scope on the rifle. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

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four bore is the diameter of a ¼ pound round ball of lead
What I "try" to remember about bore size is that with the exception of the 410 which actually is 0.410 inches, the "guage" refers to the number of lead spheres of that diameter that are needed to weigh a pound. Thus, 10 lead balls of 10-bore = 12 lead balls of 12-bore = 20 lead balls of 20-bore, etc.

This would seem to equate to what you said as four 1/4 pound lead balls would weigh a pound.

That's all deep memory on my part so feel free to correct.

The 577 Tyrannasaur is the rifle at accuratereloading that seems to be the most video-taped specimen. He (Saeed) has numerous examples of folks pulling the trigger only to have the rifle fly out of their hands. In one example I think they break the glass on his shooting enclosure. Good stuff.

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Picture is worth a thousand words...
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big bore one man guns

I saw a Ivory Harvestor 2-bore at a gunshow once...fired a 1800gr. shell Supposedly only 6 of the pieces were made in the early 1900's. Left hand rifled, pretty much useless unless you had spare fingers.
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Hi all.


I like the interesting responses.

I've done a little informal research on this topic myself.

While I don't disagree that the largest bore shoulder fired weapon is obviously some sort of rocket propelled/recoilless anti-tank gun.

There is no way any average man is going to be shooting the Boys rifle off the shoulder standing up.

And the Four Bore is JUST LOVELY. But of course it's black powder, so rather sluggish velocity and is also a one off kinda thing. If you read that article carefully, you'll notice it took that guy TEN YEARS!!!

As for some 100 thousand dollar Holland and Holland double nitro express art peice.....well.....ok .......yah.. I guess......looks great in a magazine.

The .577 tyranno was a great idea....but never really caught on.

I would like to submit that the .585 Nyati fits the bill of the most powerfull shoulder fired rifle commonly used.

Legendary game guide Ross Seyfried developed this cartridge one late night in a grass hut in Tanzania (if I remember correctly)

Many sources show it is THE most common dangerous game rifle used by professional african guides.

Probably because it can be made from two commonly available magnum bolt actions on your kitchen table for less than a thousand dollars. And alot of loading data is available so you can load from a reasonable 4000 ft/lbs to a ferocious 10400 ft/lbs depending on what kind of game you're hunting.

I think it caught on because of the incredible stature and respect and credibility that the designer, and professional big game guide, Ross Seyfried and his sons had, and still has in Africa.

If anyone wants it, P.M. me with your email and I'll send you a scanned copy of the 1980's article where Ross shows how to make these guns from commonly available bolt actions at a reasonable price et.etc...

Because personally, I don't have as much respect for a gun that I could never own and whose cartridges cost more than 100 dollars each (nitro express), as I do for one I could buy myself for christmas.

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