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I was curious as to what the largest caliber rifle is? I seem to think I recall a .700 NE. Is there such a beast? Anything bigger?
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Go to this site and check out some of these big bore guns being shot.
some real funny stuff
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One of the fine old British makers has built a very few modern 10-bore rifles. That's about .775". I read an old article by Jac Weller about his original 8-bore Nitro. Steel barrels, nitro proofs, about .835" cal. He said apparently it was made in a narrow window of time when the makers had learned pretty well how to handle smokeless powder but did not really appreciate how powerful it could be. They shortly learned, and a .450 Nitro is adequate for nearly anything. Of course the .577 and .600 deleted the "nearly."

The .700 Nitro is a modern showpiece brought out fairly recently because somebody wanted the biggest. I guess they heard the quotation by the PWH: "Why do you carry that .600?" "Because they don't make a .700." Well, they do now. A 1000 grain bullet at about 1900 fps, as I recall. I have not read any account of one being used to actually hunt with. Like I said, a showpiece. Upwards of $100,000.
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20mm sniper rifle out of Eastern Europe.

There are probably some 20mm anti-tank rifles still floating around too.
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I would guess the 20mm anti-tank rifles like the Lahti's and the Boys guns.
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I thought the Boys was a .55 caliber.
Old 01-10-2002, 10:55 PM   #7
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what about this new 950 JDJ ?
trying to find info on it... any ideas ?
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I read in a magazine article a few years ago about a 4 bore rifle. I seem to remember that the bullet was something like 1400-1500 grs. The author stated that the recoil was more like a big push than a sharp snap.
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On 2002-01-14 22:43, canuck wrote:
...The author stated that the recoil was more like a big push than a sharp snap.
Yeah, like being hit by a car at low speed :smile:
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Isn't that a 4-gauge shotgun loaded with a round or Minie ball?

I don't think we in the States can have a smaller-than-10-gauge shotgun...possibly 8 ga....perhaps that's just for hunting purposes, but I believe that it is an Offensive Weapon, like a sawed-off rifle w/12" barrel.


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