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I want to buy a 12-gauge pump shotgun for home defense. I would like it to have a pistol stock and an extended feed tube (8 rounds, or be easily and inexpensively converted). I would like it to be stainless steel but that is not mandatory. I would like it to be as good a quality gun as I can get for the money but I want it to be at a good price. The main use will be as a defensive arm for the home. I plan on using rifled slugs in it as well as 00 buckshot (unless someone knows of a better load for defense). I have very little experience with shotguns and am at a loss as to which make and model to buy. It is my hope that someone here can give me some good advice as to which makes/models to consider. The purchase will be within the next 18 weeks. Thanks in advance.
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Old 04-28-2002, 01:24 PM   #2
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Do you have a lot of neighbors near buy? If so, you may want to consider overpenetration. If you miss with a 1 oz. slug at 1,500 or 1,600 feet per second,,,,that slug is carrying a lot of energy and is going to go a long way and possibly through some walls before it stops. 00 buck certainly a fight stopper,,,but in the typical close quarters of a home environment compared to a handgun most any buckshot is going to deliver far more knock down power without as much danger of overpenetration.

I typically just keep some birdshot near my Mossberg 500. Since the longest shot is only going to be about 10 yards due to the layout of my house,,,,I'm confident in its ability to end a confrontation,,,,,,besides, I would guess when the bad guy hear's the gun being brought into action,,,I would hope that would scare them off.

I've never had any problems with my Mossberg, it is reliable,,,has been accurate,,,and is inexpensive.

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Nobody has ever gone wrong with the good old Remington 870. If you really need stainless, they make the Marine Magnum in that finish. 18-20 inch barrel is a good length for home defense but you're limited to 6 or 7 rounds in the magazine. To get the 8 you want will require a longer barrel and magazine. My opinion is that pistol-grip shoulder stocks are of dubious value and pistol-grip only set-ups are worthless.

The Mossberg is also a very good shotgun and usually a little cheaper than the 870. It has the safety mounted on top of the receiver which annoys some people but I have not found it to be a problem.

For additional information, you might also check out which has a pretty good shotgun forum.
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Wade and h4444 both make cogent observations. Iwould add that number 6 shot further reduces chance of over penetration with little or no loss of lethality in close quaters of home defense. As to the weapon itself Mossberg 590 has the capacity you are looking for in a 20 inch barrel if you can find an A1 variant you have the added security of knowing your entire firearm was built to Mil Spec,it is not available in stainless and I may be wrong but I don't think any pump shotgun is. I think the 870 has a hardchrome coating aka (Marinekote).
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I personally like the Winchester Defender series. They are lighter than the 870 and most accessories are available for them. Once broken in the 1300 series will cycle it's self when shooting one handed, if one hand gets disabled. The empty will eject and all you need to do is shake the weapon forward an it will chamber the next round. It is also available in 20 gauge for greater control. I prefer the choate full length pistol grip buttstock as it gives great control. I concur with the #6 shot in an urban area. I live out in the country and keep it stoked with 000 and keep slugs in the side saddle.
Old 05-08-2002, 11:58 AM   #6
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How do we get from heavy bore rifles to Shotguns? Once to the squawgun, though, I'll toss in a bound to be unpopular 2 centavos:

Best home defense shotgun for folks that haven't trained enough with one to KNOW precisely what they want, is a quality bird, skeet, trap, or sporting clays gun that the shooter has used enough to know it well.

Barrel length is pretty moot since the home dweller shouldn't be and isn't likely to be engaged in fire and maneuver inside his house or room clearing exercises for that matter.

If a shooter wants a shotgun without the hands on time, best home defense shotgun is a decent quality side by side double 12 bore or smaller bore if the 12's recoil is too heavy.

The double can be left broken with rounds in the chamber and still be safe with ZERO DOUBTS about it's condition. Minimizes the chance of doing something dumb under pressure--a more realistic liklihood really than the serious need for a 12 bore at home.

If the double is selected have it back bored to reduce the recoil, add a BIG IVORY BEAD foresight and a center bead, a Pachmayr Sporting Clays Decelerator recoil pad, and a small butt cuff with a selection of rounds always with the basic gun.

A good older Lefever for 250 or so is a MUCH better buy than the Russian and Brazillian sawed offs popular among CAS folks. An Ithaca NID (or even one of the fairly recent Japanese guns) is probably better yet. A Fox Sterlingworth is even better--but you'll pay as you will with a Parker which would truly have a lovely cachet for a in-house troll gun. Bunch of decent Italian, German, and even Japanese doubles out there that can also be had inexpensively if one looks (say the 250-750 Yankee Dollar range for starters).
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Best Shotgun for Home Defense

Not to create a lot of controversy, but the concept of a shotgun for home defense has always puzzled me.

My house has a lot of corners and narrow hallways and such. I'm right handed. The front of the house is to the left down the hallway, as I go out of the master bedroom, perfect fora righty.

I just don't think a shotgun would be of much practical use in my home. I'm sure it would wax someone right out of their shoes, if I could get on them and hit them.

At close range, the pattern from a shotgun is not really much better than a single round (i.e. from a handgun).

With a handgun, I can shoot around corners without exposing my entire torso, I can run, I can dodge and I can hold a phone or flashlight in my other hand.

With my Sig P229, I get 12 rounds, each with about a 95% one-shot-stop capability. I can shoot those 12 rounds real fast, with one hand. I have two back-up mags within easy reach from bed and others placed around the house. With Mag-safes I don't get too concerned about over-penetration.

So, why would someone specifically purchase a "home defense shotgun"? Seems like there are better options.
Old 07-17-2004, 10:10 PM   #8
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the 870 is my choice for shotguns. as far as shot size i dont like the #6 recomendations, ive shot enough vermin over the years with it and have been unimpressed with its ability to incapacitate anything other than birds. if penetration is a worry i'd go with #4 shot- hot turkey loads, if penetration isnt an issue 3" 00buck is my first choice.
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Shotgun for home

Hi Digler,
Can't argue with any of your comments. However, if someone has broken into your home, and you hear them, then the proper action would be to call 911 (on your cell phone that supposed to be by your bed in case bad guys cut land lines) and stay put. Searching for people in your home is not a good idea for most people and that's usually how people get hurt or get their gun taken or get into a firefight.

If you stay put and someone approaches, the shotgun makes a VERY intimadating noise when racking a round in a pump, and anyone who comes around a corner and stares down the barrel of a 12ga and STILL charges you deserves to be taken out of the gene pool!

But there are many different scenarios that could be played out, but I'm just speaking in general, theoretical terms. Just have a gun!!
Old 07-20-2004, 11:03 PM   #10
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id personally try to avoid that intimidating sound- it gives away your position. imo the element of surprise is your friend. as long as the dirtbag doesnt know your there, you still have the upper hand.

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