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Nazi era Browning

I have a chance to buy a Nazi era Browning (HiPower?). I think that's what it is. The serial numbers on the barrel, slide and frame all match. It has Nazi proof marks on it. I'd guess the condition to be 60%. The serial number is 8427xx.

The story behind this gun is interesting too. An american soldier turned around just in time to see this Nazi officer pointing this pistol at him, but he shot before the Nazi and killed him. He then took this pistol from the Nazi and brought it home with him. His son is selling it.

I can't find anything that looks like an import mark on it anywhere. I don't know a lot about import marks though.

Does anyone know what might be a fair price to offer him? I don't wish to offend him and risk losing a deal. The history behind it intrigues me.

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Hello, sir. Hopefully some folks with collector information will post here, but I have seen such guns "appraised" by folks into HP history and collecting over at , so you might take a gander there and post.


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Re: Nazi era Browning

Originally Posted by oldanbo
The story behind this gun is interesting too. An american soldier turned around just in time to see this Nazi officer......
I am NOT telling you not to purchase the weapon, HOWEVER unless you have VERIFIABLE WRITTEN/notarized documentation of this story about the "officer", only BUY THE GUN........ NOT THE STORY.
It is quite rare that I get wind of deals on Lugers, P-38s, Hi-powers, or PPKs of that genre that DON'T have a connection to an officer and a grand story behind them. It seems that over the years, many military adversaries seem to "grow stripes and rank" as the stories need a little more "zip".
I do not want to offend ANYONE here, just don't want to see anyone get taken or enamoured with the "story" and loose sight of the true value of the weapon. Without PROPER documentation, the story is not marketable........... only hearsay.
Best regards,
Jeffro (Jeff)
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Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for the replies. I appreciate the wisdom.

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Re: Nazi Era HP

I did luck up just by accident and own one.
I met a rentacop that worked for Salem College in Winston Salem, NC
He was carrying one.
He mentioned that he needed something lighter to carry.
I offered to trade him one of my S&W model 36-1's for it.
He of course wanted boot which I paid.
The officer said he got it from his uncle who was in the war with the Nazi.
He had taken it from a deceased captian.
It had the flying eagle proof marks on each part also.
He also had the original leather holster that was taked with the gun.
I kept the gun in my safe for years after researching the serial number.
It was made in 1938 and was about 95%.
One day I decided to shoot it.
I took it to the range.
One guy watched intently as I punched the center out of a target at 50 feet.
Man that gun shot good.
The guy came over and struck up a conversation with me.
He offered to buy the Hp.
He asked my price.
I told him I had seen them on GunsAmerica for around $15-1600.
I would take $1200 cash.
He pulled out the cash and paid me.
Afterwards I has wished that I had not sold it.
I have recently bought a new one, but my memories of that 1938 HP have lingered.

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