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"Gunners Grips" A question of fit - (long Post)

The initial run of Grips by Simonich for the HiPower have pretty much been shipped. After reviewing all the threads that I posted on several forums regarding the pair I rec'd, there have been a couple of minor problems reported regarding fit by other members.

As with my pair there was a need to fit the grips to the particular HP I added them to. The problem of fit does not rest with the grips, there have been many posts going back eons, reporting fit problems of custom grips by various renowned makers for the HiPower. The problem is with the pistol itself. The HiPower has a somewhat complicated grip design with uneven surfaces from the butt of the gun up to the safety and from back to front there are "Highs and Lows". Unlike the 1911A1 with a flat surface that basically requires just the top of the grip be shaped and contoured the HP has to have the inside surface shaped and contoured as well. This requires lots of attention to detail by those who hand make grips. Also lots of trial and error by makers of mass produced grips such as Gunners, Uncle Mikes, Hogue, etc. And add to the fact the the original HP's were forged then in the late 80's changed to cast frames. Plus the variations of HP's from Hungary, Argentina, Canada, etc. Things do change . . . it's like buying a part for a 5 year old car that needs to be modified to fit because it was made today.

Today I pulled out several different HP models, varrying in mfg date from 1944 to 2001.

1911 Inglis . . . did not fit
1967 BHP "T" . . . did not fit
1978 BHP Centennial . . . did not fit
1987 BHP GP35 Comp . . . did not fit
1994 BHP MKIII Practical . . . did not fit
1994 BHP MKIII Standard . . . did not fit
2001 BHP MKIII Satin Chrome . . . "FIT"

The Gunners grips fit only one of them without the need of retro fitting. That one is my "2001" MKIII Standard. The reason for this is that the grips that were supplied to Simonich as guides were from a late model MKIII which by the way for those who are new to HP's is a cast frame. So that's why there may be fitting adjustments needed for your HP with a set of Gunners grips. Gunners are well made and they did a great job on these grips and they made them to "spec", it's just that the spec is not uniform for all HP's

Now those who have been waiting for these grips don't be dissapointed because these grips can be modified very easily with the right tool(s) and patience. And since most of us are "Garage" gunsmiths and like to tinker with our "toys", that should pose no problem. In fact if you look at the "upside" it's almost like having a custom fit set of grips that you're doing the final fitting on.
It took me 10-15 minutes of reshaping with a Dremel tool with flex shaft to get these to fit well. Let me show you what needed to be changed. I scribed the inside of the grips by attaching them as well as I could and then setting the screw in place to hold them (one at a time) then scribing them from the other side through the frame, then doing the same to the other grip. Here you can see the marks where I need to remove material(which is really miniscule). At least we have extra material to remove instead of the being to little. Now if you do this before you get started please wear eye protection and a dust mask as the sanding of this material creates a very fine powdery residue which I don't know if it's harmful to inhale but don't take the chance!

Now once that's done you have yourself a sweet set of grips. Oh! I don't think I mentioned which HiPower I fitted the grips to . . . well in a nutshell . . . ALL OF THEM!!!!. By sanding away a little material from the areas shown was all that was needed to get them to fit all the above listed HP's.

I hope this helps those who've had problems with grips fitting their HP's regardless of maker. Now you can understand that it's not the grip that's necessarily out of spec but the pistol for which it was purchased.

So if you want a great pair of grips that you can be tough with "Gunners" are the way to go. And I'm sure that since the grips are brand new that they might still be able to be adjusted a bit by the factory in future shipments to reduce the actual need to refit them.

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Wow, what a terrific post! Thank you for your time and effort on our behalf!
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Mine Required Some Fitting as Well...

Hello. Last monday I ordered a set of the Simonich Gunner Grips for the Hi Power and they arrived in the mail today. Some fitting is required, at least in my case.

I opted to put these grips on an older Hi Power. Fitting took about 20 minutes.

When properly on the pistol, fit is not perfect, but neither have been other grips I've tried. Part of this is because of slight dimensional changes between the forged and cast frame pistols. This seems to be primarily in the area of the magazine well.

Here you can see the gaps between the stocks and the frame in the magazine well area. Fit elsewhere is much, much closer.

Grip fit in this area is seldom perfect on the Hi Power in my experience. I have some factory stocks that fit certain guns considerably better than others in this regard and if interested, the link below shows some examples of how some other make stocks fit the Hi Power.

http://www.hipowersandhandguns.com/Haka ... Stocks.htm

I found the grips quite comfortable, which is subjective, but I like them. The grip is the most secure that I've ever experienced on a handgun grip and believe that these would still provide very good "traction" in wet hands.

For a Hi Power that's expected to experience some dings and knocks or to be carried in the rain or in situations where hands can be wet from sweat or blood, these grips might be very well worth considering.

I like mine quite a lot.


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Hello. Due to a heavy schedule I'd not been able to shoot my Hi Power more than just a few shots with the Gunner Grips until today. Then, wouldn't you know it, I had to rush. I'd gone to the police range and had just enough time to shoot a little while before a federal agency began running a few of its folks through qualifications.

The grips were used with the same Hi Power shown previously.

After my initial post on these grips I was asked if they were rough on the hands at all. I didn't think that they would be but had fired so few number of shots that I didn't have a firm answer. Considering the mild 9mm recoil in the Hi Power, I didn't expect any unforseen problems due to these grips' rougher-than-normal texture...and there were no surprises; they do not make the shooting hand tender at all.

I fired 150 rounds of Fiocchi 115-gr. FMJ, 50 rounds of Winchester USA 115-gr. FMJ, 50 rounds of a warm handload launching a 124-gr. XTP @ 1240 ft/sec, and 50 rounds of some old Corbon 115-gr. JHP +P I had for a total of 300 shots. I didn't shoot many groups as time was short.

This magazine-full of Fiocchi was fired from a rest, seated and with my wrists braced. It was done in slow fire. The BarSto barrel is fitted to this pistol and the gun is
accurate with many factory loads but especially the 124-gr. XTP handload. I've noticed improvement with it when using cast bullets more so than jacketed. My later Hi Powers are used with the factory barrels and group well as I shoot primarily jacketed ammunition through them.

At fifteen yards, the gun grouped well. On some occasions, changing grips can change the POI. I have seen it but not often and not in this case.

After 4 slow-fire groups I ran several magazines of the warmer loads at falling steel plates @ 15 yards, picking up the cadence each string. There were no problems with the Gunner's unduly wearing my shooting hand. I tried shooting the plates a few times right-handed-only and then with my left hand; same result: no abrasions from these grips.

Some double and triple-taps as well as a few sets of controlled pairs followed by another two groups in slow-fire at 10 and about 17 yards ended the session.

I honestly do not think that these most aggressively textured grips will cause anyone any pain at all on either the 9mm Hi Power or the 1911 pattern pistols for which they are also offered. I am mightily impressed at the manner in which they almost seem to grip the hand instead of visa-versa. Subjectively speaking they are not as "comfortable" to me as either Mr. Spegel's or Mr. Pek's stocks, but they would be my first choice were I still in uniform wearing an exposed sidearm. In rain, or sweat-drenched hands, these stocks will still give a very very secure purchase. I was wearing a banlon shirt and made some draws from beneath it using an IWB holster. I did not notice the shirt clinging to the grips or causing "printing" any more than any other Hi Power grips. I think that they would do fine for a concealed carry pistol, but suggest wearing an undershirt or T-shirt under the outside shirt; they are a little rough against the ribs as the gun rides past the skin when sitting or changing positions.

Here is a better picture of the Gunner Grips. Some may find them elegant for beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes. I won't go that far, but I don't find them ugly. I would describe them as an unusual design that is starkly functional. Right now, these would be own my duty pistol were I still in police service.

As has been mentioned, I did have to fit these grips to my guns, but this was minor work and they fit snugly. The screw heads fit snugly/firmly in the grip screw holes and didn't loosen one wit when checked upon returning home.

These grips did not interfere with the magazines falling freely when the mag release was press as some grips can.

In short, I think that these Gunner Grips for the Hi Power are a very useful and functional accoutrement for the weapon.


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Re: "Gunners Grips" A question of fit - (long Post

Originally Posted by Stinger1
This gun makes me light headed. What sight setup is that? Modified Heinie?
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Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate the info & the eye candy.

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