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Browning Hi Power for Neophyte gunsmith maybe a C.Daly?

My first ever build. I have watched various 1911 custom build videos as well as collecting articles on Browning Hi Power customization. I wish there was one video as good as some of the 1911 ones on the Hi Power. Alas there seems not to be. Figuring I am bound to make mistakes on my first gun I was wondering which one I should pick. MKIII are pricey and I was thinking a Charles Daly (don't mind the sights though not crazy about them). I plan on doing a C&S sear, wide trigger and strong side safety as well as a semi drop in Kart barrel. Plus stippling hence one of the reasons I want a less expensive gun. Am I on track with a CD for the first go around?
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Hello. There simply are not nearly so many aftermarket parts for the Hi Power type handgun as for the 1911. I was not aware that Kart offered a barrel for the Hi Power.

It is my understanding that Barsto offers both "drop in" and "match barrels", which have to be fitted for sure, for the Hi Power.

If you feel that there could be mistakes, it probably is a better move to use a gun that costs less. On the other hand, I think that I'd shoot it as it and see if I really wanted to change anything or possibly less simply because the pistol shoots well.


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Arizona Response Systems has an excellent video on smithing the Hi-Power. It's $30.00 delivered.
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I hear the FEG clones aren't bad as long as you get the PJK-9HP model. They used to make another near-clone, the P9R something like that. The barrel lock-up was different and there was other small differences. Stay away from that one, but from what I have read the PJK-9HP was pretty much identical. Maybe some others here can chip in on it. Try a search too. The PJK's can be had for as low $200 to $350...
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well as this is a project gun solely for experimenting I'd look around for an Argentine clone, although most parts in it are soft and pretty low quality you seem like you are planning on changing barrel and other parts so once finished you'd have a pretty decent shooter as the frames and slides seem to be ok. These guns should be around for $250 another option is the demilled ones sometimes found at sarco or shotgun news these guns have a pinned barrel, welded firing pin hole and the frame barrel cam is removed and a round pin installed, gun will hand cycle but that's it. they can be had for about $80
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The BEST, cheap HP out there is the FM. It is made on Browning machinery. Great steel, and they are shooters. Might otta know that from what I have seen, you can get two of these for what a CD would cost. And neither will have that God awful logo on the
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RE: FM95 & FEG P9R

Regarding the earlier posts about the Argentine FM 95 and FEG P9R, first of all the Argentine FM 95 is not a "clone", but a licensed Hi-Power made with blueprints & specs supplied and updated by FN, the current one they sell is the equivalent of an FN Mk III. The metal parts are some of the best steel I've ever seen, if you doubt that try etching an identifying mark on some of the internal parts. It is true that some FEG P9R's have been found to have improperly heat treated internal parts, so that may be what the earlier poster was thinking about regarding soft parts. The finish on the FM95 may not be up to some people's standards, it looks and feels like a thick black enamel paint, but is durable and the pistols function as well as FN models with other finishes. Really, it's by far the best value in Hi-Power pistols you can get today, it's functionally a real FN except for the markings. Second, about the P9R, although it looks like a HiPower, it's a SA/DA pistol with a trigger action more like the S&W 59 than a HiPo, so it's really an apples/oranges comparison. Still, the P9R is a high quality pistol that's very reliable and I've never had any trouble with mine. Also, the finish on the P9R is unbelievable, it's by far the nicest blued finish I have ever seen on any firearm of any type at any price. It's so nice that when I shoot it I always make sure to lay it in my padded case when I'm not holding it. Apparently CAI thought so too, their import mark on this gun looks much better than it does on other guns, very distinguished looking. I have about 30 guns, but these 2 are my favorites, other than an AR-15 rifle and 1911 pistol that I built myself. My 2 cents - the FEG PJK-9HP is a piece of crap, at least the well used ones I've seen, could be due to the alloy frame it uses instead of all steel on the P9R.

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