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Refinishing black enamel finish after beveling/dehorning...

Howdy Y'all,

I've got a new FN BHP that I'm starting to love. Still can't shoot it worth a darn, but getting better.

Problem is, I'm a nerd. I can't help tinkering with stuff. It's a disease. I'd like to bevel the edges of the slide, and smooth the flats to 400 grit or so. Just the usual 'geek tweaks' that don't require major surgery, only time and patience. But I like the factory finish, and would like to re-apply it once the handwork is finished. Is it just black enamel paint? I did some searching but replies were mostly 'take it to a smith'. Which I might end up doing, but I've got experience with detailing and paint work, so it shouldn't be beyond my abilities. Does anyone know what the paint and process is on the factory finish? I'd probably make some 'test coupons' from bar stock to test it all out first. And of course I'd post results...

Thanks all, you've got a great site here!

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Hi Sir,

Dura coat applied with a small air brush works wonders.
Make sure you degrease every thing well!
Check Brownells for colors and prices

Be well,
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Thanks! I'll check it out. I inherited a little airbrush from a friend, so maybe I'll finally learn how to use it.

Wonder if that Duracoat comes in lime green? Kidding...

Thanks again, you guys are great!

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Comes in any color you want. Get the two part mix.. Best is direct from them they ship it without Hazmat issues. You have to use an airbrush, the small one with the glass jar about half a pint. You also need a set of measuring spoons to get the correct 12-1 ratio. It is by far the best home applied finish I have found. A word of caution It nearly cost me jail time then the loss of my gun. The finish will fill in the serial number.
Old 05-03-2007, 08:37 AM   #5
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"The finish will fill in the serial number."

Yeow! That could be BAD! Thanks for the tips.

In fact they DO have 'lime green'! Awesome. Just need some purple metalflake and I'll be set.

Don't worry, the HP is gonna stay black. Duh. But the old 10-22 might get a wild-a$$ 'pimp my ride' paint scheme. To help it blend in to the urban environment... Kidding...

Thanks again!

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All you have to do for the markings is to first make sure there is nothing already filling them such as dirt,oil,etc. Then use only one coat of whichever bake-on coating you choose in the area of the markings. I have used Brownell's bake-on products for years with no loss of markings. In fact, to cover pitting or other defects, you have to use several coats. You apply a coat then lightly sand as soon as its dry to the touch. Repeat until the pits/scratches are filled and the surrounding area looks like you want the finished surface to look. Sometimes a final light coat is needed in the work area. Then you're ready to bake. I would recommend the Brownell's 'Teflon/Moly Oven Cure Gun Finish' for your HP.
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Originally Posted by Joe Ford
A word of caution It nearly cost me jail time then the loss of my gun. The finish will fill in the serial number.
You must have had thin markings or laid the Duracoat on very thick. The Duracoat is a relatively thin finish overall.
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I just refinished this BHP in Stainless Moly Resin on the bottom and Black Moly Resin on top, for a local Gunshop.



Should have checked post date on this!!!

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I would recommend molyresin it's tough stuff. Stays on better than duracoat.

Unless you are spaying on 30 coats the serial will not get filled in. You spay on a couple of light coats and none of the lettering will go way.

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