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Israeli Hi-Power

Got one a couple of days ago and it is disassembled next to my computer. The gun's problem is that with the safety engaged pulling the trigger allows the sear to move out of the full cock notch. To release the safety I must pull the hammer back a smidge to re-engage the hammer. I was advised replace the hammer and sear and all pins. Is there a simpler fix. The hammer sear and safety don't appear unduly worn. Any help would be appreciated.
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One of the first rules of gunsmithing is to diagnose the actual problem before altering or replacing any parts. "Shooting blind" almost always makes things worse.

Too often, just replacing things, hoping to hit on a fix wastes money buying parts that aren't "broken".
Then too, after replacing parts that aren't defective, the problem often isn't fixed, then you have to spend more money correcting the corrections.

The problem could be the safety or any one or all of the parts you listed.
Before buying parts, either figure out what the actual problem is or take the gun to a gunsmith who can.
This will be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Just as a blind guess, I'd suspect the safety first.
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That would have been my first thought too dferis, all the parts mentioned look fine. I've seen this before on other contract type Hi-Powers, I wonder if a batch gets machined wrong and doesn't allow the safety to move up far enough to block the sear....Anyway, thanks, guess I'll soldier on.

BTW, the gun fires as designed and seems relatively tight even tho one person suggested it had been fired 50.000 times as an Israeli trade in.

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Faulty Hi-power

The High-power has a deep notch in the hammer for the sear to engage which results in a rather creepy trigger pull. The unwise and the unwary cut the notch shallower to reduce the amount of creep. It's easily overdone so that the sear can release from the hammer with the safety engaged. Then when the safety is released the hammer drops. I have seen several done like this.
If possible, the best thing to do would be to compare the parts with those from a gun of good qaulity and look for differences -wear or alterations before blaming an individual part.


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