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Need help w/ C&S hammer pin

I have a BHP MkIII that is giving me hammer bite: the web of my hand is pinched between the shank of the hammer and the tang. I want to replace it w/ a C&S no-bite hammer but encounter a problem: the factory OEM hammer is counter-sunk on the left side to accommodate the bevel of the hammer strut pin but the C&S hammer is not countersunk. I sent an email to C&S but was told that countersinking the hammer is not necessary. So what do I need to do w/ the bevel of the hammer pin to get it to fit?

Also how difficult is it to fit a set of C&S hammer and sear? I am not equipped to do major surgery on my HP at home.

Appreciate any help from anyone

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Simply buy a small countersink at a hardware store and use it by hand to put a countersink in the hole for the strut pin.

You want just enough of a countersink to allow the strut pin to fit flush with the hammer, and you want the sink to be smooth with no chatter marks.

Unless you really know your stuff don't attempt to install a hammer and sear yourself.
Problems will range from a lousy trigger pull to a hammer that won't stay cocked and follows the slide down, to a gun that fires in full-auto bursts.

If you read the gun forums at all, you'll see a lot of posts like "My hammer won't stay cocked and drops to half cock".
This is almost always due to attempts to install parts or "improve" the trigger pull.
Unless you know exactly how to do it and have the specialized tools and stones, be smart and have a qualified gunsmith install the parts.
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need help w/ C&S hammer

Thanks for the advice

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