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Breach lock on the Browning Hi Power....

I have a friend that is interested in buying one of my Browning Hi Power 9MM's. I directed him to this forum.
He asked me a question which I tried to answer as honestly as possible.
Here was his question....Has your BHP ever jammed?
Well I did noticed a problem once and here goes.
I had the breech lock open on the last round. and the unfired round was in the chamber feed waiting to be inserted into the chamber.
I had bought several magazines from the dealer that he had owned when he was shooting BHP's. So, not all of my mags were new.
I later looked at the empty magazines and compared them.
Some of them had different looking followers.
I guess what I am asking is: Is it possible that the follower inside the magazine caused the breach to lock open and not chamber the last round.
My friend also asked if I had removed the breach lock, which I answered no.
So, Where does the problem lie?
Seems like I read somewhere that filing the breach lock would solve this problem, but I can't remember where I read this.
Anyone got an answer?
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You have to look very carefully at how far the slidestop protrudes over the magazine and the likelihood of it contacting a round.

If the problem only happens with some mags, then maybe it's the way the mag presents some rounds or the follower's front edge is postioned wrong.

Don't file anything until you figure out exactly why/when this is happening.
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If this was a one-time-only thing, it could be "just one of those things".
Odd things happen with machines.

It could be the follower, or the bullet could have bumped the slide stop and caused it to engage, or ??????.
My suggestion is to shoot that magazine enough to determine if it was "just one of those things" or if there is an issue with that mag.

Never alter or change something until you KNOW 100% that's the problem. Blindly altering things hoping to hit on the fix has ruined a lot of guns.
A one-time problem is just that: a one-time problem until it happens again.
Road test the magazine to see if it does it again.
If it's the same magazine, either buy a new follower, or just trash the magazine and buy a new one.

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Magazine follower problem solved

After having the breach lock open several times without chambering the last round using different magazines, I took a closer look at the followers.
The factory magazines had a knotch (or indentation) on the front left corner of the follower.
The extra magazines I bought did not have this indentaton.
I took the magazines apart and placed them in the milling machine.
I carefully snugged them in the vise and used a end mill that closely matched the indentation in the factory magazine follower.
I then milled them all.
There were no more problems with the breech locking open without chambering the last round.
I am glad that I did not file the breech lock lever as it would have surely created more problems.
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Glad you solved your problem.

And thanks for the update. Wish everybody would do that.

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