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Hi-Power front sight removal

I have a like new Argy military model. I want to replace the small sights. How do I remove the front sight? Like a 1911, or is it different? Thanks
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The Argentine manufactured Hi Power from DGFM or just FM has used three methods of front sight attachment. The method will depend on the period produced or model variation.

The first FM pistols are from the period there was a license agreement between FN and FM. These were made from 1969 to 1989 as the license agreement was for twenty years. The licensed period FM pistols are duplicates of the type made by FN during the same period with an exception not in need of explanation in your case. The front sights on these are silver soldered in place. They can be broken or milled off to remove.

The next variant is the FM 90. It can be distinguished by having a slab sided slide and not being marked FM 95. The front sight on these is staked in place like a GI 1911 front sight.

The third and final variation is the FM 95. The FM 95 has a dovetailed front sight like the FN Browning MK III.

If you needed to inquire you should have the first or second type. Look for the hi power cuts on the slide to determine the difference in method of attachment and removal.
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More help.
If you have the FM90 with the staked in 1911 type front sight, removal is to grip the sight with a small pair of GOOD Vise-Grip pliers.
You want to grip the sight slightly OFF the slide so there's no chance the Vise-Grips will contact the slide and scar or scratch it.
To insure I didn't damage a customers slide, I made up a shield from brass sheet with a slot in it to allow just the sight to stick through. The brass protected the slide from slips.

Rock/twist the sight front side to side and twist slightly as you pull straight up.
This will break the rivet of the sight tenon and allow the sight to come off cleanly.

Then use a small punch to gently drive out the portion of the tenon left in the slide by driving it out from the outside of the slide.

Installation of a new sight will require having a CORRECT Browning type sight blade and a special sight tenon riveting tool.

To install, you first use a Dremel carbide ball cutter to grind a small countersink INSIDE the slide over the hole for the tenon. This is to give the tenon rivet room to flow into the countersink.
This is to leave enough rivet to positively hold the sight when the excess rivet is ground off.
The reason these staked on Browning and 1911 sights come loose or come off is people fail to grind the countersink in the slide, and when they rivet the tenon the rivet lays on the surface of the slide.
When the excess is ground off, there's not enough left to hold the sight and it comes loose.

After grinding the countersink, test fit the sight and cut off any excess tenon.
Apply a drop of Loctite Red to the tenon hole in the slide and insert the sight,
Use the special staking tool to properly stake the tenon, making sure it flows down into the countersink.

Use a Dremel tool to carefully grind off the excess rivet, clean up and you're done.

You WILL need a special sight staking tool. There are several around, here's the one Brownell's sell. Since sight tools aren't cheap, you might want to find a gunsmith and let him do the whole job. It'll probably be cheaper:


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