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feg trigger pull

just got an feg version of the hi power. the trigger pull is ok until that last bit that actually releases the hammer. to get past that point you have to pull extremely hard and then it just snaps back and the hammer goes up. is this how its supposed to be or is there something wrong and how do I fix it
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That's not normal.

Unless you're a qualified pistolsmith and have the needed tools, take it to a gunsmith.

Playing around with triggers without knowing exactly what you're doing is how you get ruined parts and unsafe guns.
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It appears that the search has a little bit of wear to it right where it catches the full cock notch on the hammer, will a new sear fix this or is that a sign of a more serious problem? Would like to use this as my service weapon but may have to replace it if it can't be figured out
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Here's what I was talking about
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See a gunsmith.

It's impossible to diagnose a problem like this on the internet.
Where people get into trouble is "shooting blind" by attempting to fix something when they have no idea what the actual problem is.
Problems are very often other then what it looks like.
This invariably leads to altering things that aren't the problem or buying parts that aren't going to fix it.

One of the key Rules of Gunsmithing is..."Know exactly what the problem is and exactly what to do to fix it before doing ANYTHING".

Instead of ruining a gun, or having to try to find replacement parts for a gun long out of production, cut to the chase and see an expert.
It'll cost you less in the long run and there won't be any problems with an unsafe trigger.

If you just insist and botch it, Gun Parts Corporation sell some parts for the FEG pistols, including the FP9 and the PJK-9HP
Whether they're new or used is unknown. If used you may be right back where you are now.

A good part of a gunsmiths time is often spent trying to correct something damaged by someone who "thinks" he can figure it out himself.
I'm giving you good advice based on 30 years of pro experience.

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